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Nuzlocke Death

by Pr0f.0ak

Pr0f.0ak Rainbowz will for ever be remembered as the weed that bellossomed.
I was battling my rival silver with my lovely bellossom (rainbowz). When my rival sent out his golbat. I was confident that rainbowz could do the job. I took a wing attack from golbat. Then I used sleep powder, it worked. Then I used hidden power on him. It was supper effective. The golbat was down with one HP when golbat woke up and used poison fang and got a crit and poisoned me. I used hidden power one more time killing it but the poisoned kicked in and rainbowz was no more. I was devistaeted to see one of my fallen team members go. I then knew that I had to beat the elite 4 for rainbowz. For this is what she wanted ever sense she was a oddish.