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Now Taking Requests + Adoptables!

by NightRaven

NightRaven I really screwed up on this one...just...those whiskers, and that scar that doesn't even make sense...genious.

But anyways, I'm now takimg requests and doing adoptables.

Requests: UNTIL AUGUST 15th! (During School Days)- The weekends/days off
Adoptables: Everyday/when I get back from class

Requests must be in gryphon, bird, cat, fox, or wolf form. It can be any character in those forms.
Adoptables will be in either of those forms; to get one, someone must choose a number from 1-10 (the odds may be put higher), and no one can pick the same number. I'll roll an online die three times, and whatever the last number is, the person that picked that number gets the adoptable, and can use it in anything (so long as I am slightly credited [that being said, I mean by just the creation and that I gave it to you. I'll give all of the info in the description, including age, height [maybe] and weight [maybe].)
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  1. Charlie the Charizard
    Charlie the Charizard
    Yo u look like a cool person to hang out with mine following me
    Jul 30, 2016