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Novia's Quest - Prologue

by Solarius

Our story takes place in the vast and fascinating Sinnoh Region, where our main protagonist Davion, and his partner Chimchar patiently wait for the ferry at Canalave City's Harbour.

???: It's been a while Davion, I haven't quite seen you since the day you got Chimchar at my lab in Sandgem Town. I do have to wonder.. Why are you leaving Sinnoh for a journey elsewhere? I thought you said that you were gonna start your journey here with your Chimchar?

Davion: With all due respect professor, I really wanted to. I love my home region of Sinnoh, I truly do! But there are some things that have happened within this region, and it's best if I don't talk about here in the harbour.

???: Well then.. Do you want to discuss it with me at the Canalave Library? I know it's closed and all, but I'm sure Lucian will let us in.

Davion: Are you sure you want to know Professor Rowan?

Prof. Rowan: I need to know Davion! I need to know the sole reason why you are leaving Sinnoh. All I want to do is help you with whatever problem you are facing at the moment, I just need to know. Ever since you left my lab that day, I felt this depressing vibe from you, it was not normal of you at all. So I got concerned, and ever since that day.. I worried about what you would do next, after getting your Chimchar.


Davion: Alright then, I will tell you what's going on. But I must warn you, it involves my father.

After that conversation, both Professor Rowan and Davion walked north towards the Canalave Library, where Lucian was waiting quietly at the entrance.

Lucian: Hello Professor Rowan, it's a pleasure meeting you here at Canalave's Library. What can I do for you?

Prof. Rowan: Hello Lucian, I must ask of you. Could you please let me and Davion here inside the library? We need to have a private conversation.

Lucian: Sure thing! Anything for the leading Professor of the Sinnoh Region, just give me a moment to unlock the doors.


Lucian: There you go, have fun you two. I'll guard the entrance, in case anyone comes by asking.

Prof. Rowan: Thank you Lucian, I appreciate it. Now let's head on in Davion, we have some things that we need to talk about.


Canalave Library
After I went inside with Professor Rowan, I took a moment to look around at the empty library, quickly noticing how quiet it was without anyone in here. I caught up with the professor and followed him up the staircase to the second floor, where the long table was. We both sat down after relaxing for a bit, which started our discussion.

Prof. Rowan: Alright Davion, could you please tell me what is wrong? Tell me why you are leaving for a journey elsewhere.

I hesitated for a bit, as I didn't think he was gonna go straight to the point. But I nodded
accordingly, feeling nervous with goosebumps at the same time. This is what I had to say.. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to remember what had happened to my.. Oh no, the memories are coming back to me! I hesitated. I stood up nervously and spoke to what had happened.

It all began two years ago, up on Mt. Coronet. My father was searching for specific fossils I assumed, as he was apart of the Oreburgh Mining Company. But on that day however, he discovered a fossil that was so rare, so extraordinary, so unique! That he had to tell his boss about it. From what I've heard I said, it was an Old Amber, a certain fossil that can resurrect a Pokemon called Aerodactyl.

As he went down Mt. Coronet to tell his boss about his amazing discovery, he was cornered by the likes of Team Galactic. They.. They tried to steal the Old Amber away from my father, for no good. What happened next was.. It was disturbing.

Prof. Rowan: How do you know all this? Were you at Mt. Coronet when this happened to your father?

Davion: I did not, thankfully. I was told by some of my father's co-workers, as they saw it all happen.

My father was killed in an attempt to escape with the Old Amber, from what his co-workers had told me that day, I said. I couldn't believe it when they first had told me, and then I looked at his lifeless body.. They weren't lying I said, they weren't lying..

Prof. Rowan: Your father? Was killed by Team Galactic! Oh my god.. I am so sorry Davion, you must of been terrified. I had no idea that your father had died two years ago, I was away in the Johto Region when that occurred I'm afraid.

Davion: That is why I don't want to start a journey in Sinnoh, I can't do it. I just can't risk my life out there! Knowing that Team Galactic could try to kill me at any moment.

Davion: They know who I am, and they damn well better. I don't know how my father ended up dying like that so quickly, I just.. Ugh!

Prof. Rowan: Calm down Davion! You need to stop thinking of the past. You need to start thinking of the future okay? This is not helping you or me.

Before I could speak again, Professor Rowan cut me off and continued speaking towards me.

Prof. Rowan: Your father may have died two years ago, but that was you know.. TWO YEARS AGO! You need to calm down and focus on what's at hand. If you want to start a journey elsewhere, then go ahead. At first, I thought you were leaving because you hated Sinnoh, with a burning passion. But now when I look at you, I can see the real reason why you are leaving us.

Davion: You are right..

Prof. Rowan: I believe in you Davion! There's no need to get emotional now about your father. What you need to do now is start fresh, and begin your journey elsewhere, at the region that you wanted to visit.

Davion: The Novia Region I think it was..

Prof. Rowan: Oh yes! The Novia Region. I have been there before, on my travels once. All I can say is that it is a beautiful, vast, and diverse region indeed.

Davion: Hmm.. That sounds wonderful.

Prof. Rowan: Now do me a favor Davion, I want you to--

*TV starts to flash*

Davion: What is going on with the TV?

Prof. Rowan: I have no idea! Something must be going on with the news.

"Breaking news! The villainous organization here in the Sinnoh Region known as Team Galactic have started taking over multiple towns and cities such as Eterna, Veilstone, and Oreburgh. We recommend that all civilians in those areas to evacuate as soon as possible, until further notice from the Sinnoh Police Department. From some of our sources, Team Galactic plans on attacking Canalave City as well, so be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in that area."

Davion: Professor! Team Galactic plans on attacking Canalave City. What should we do now?

Prof. Rowan: There is only one solution, and that is.. For you to evacuate to the Novia Region.

Davion: WHAT? Are you sure I should go to Novia right now? Isn't there any other options for me to choose from?

Prof. Rowan: That is the only option Davion, I am truly sorry. Team Galactic seems to be taking over Sinnoh as of this moment, which is a shame.

Davion: What about you and everyone else? I can't just leave you guys hanging here.

Prof. Rowan: It's for the best Davion, we will figure out a plan to stop this barbaric attack from Team Galactic, I promise you.

Davion: I don't know anymore! What is going on.. Why are they taking over the towns and cities now?

Prof. Rowan: Look, Davion. We don't have much time before Team Galactic arrives here in Canalave City, so I am asking you.

*Professor Rowan gives Davion an S.S. Abyssal Ticket*

Prof. Rowan: I want you and Chimchar to board the ferry in ten minutes, you should have everything on you right?

I nodded my head. I have my Badge Case, Pokeballs, Chimchar, Passport, and my bag I replied.

Prof. Rowan: Then you are good to go, he smiled. I suggest you tell the captain where you are headed to, as they usually go as far as Iron Island.

Davion: Alright then, thank you so much Professor, for everything. I guess this is goodbye, to you and to everyone I have met in this region.

Prof. Rowan: I will miss you Davion, you are a brave young man. I am sure that you will succeed up there in Novia, I am sure of it.


Prof. Rowan: You should go now, I wouldn't be late if I were you.

Davion: Okay then.. Goodbye Professor Rowan! I will come back to Sinnoh once I become the Novia Champion.

Prof. Rowan: Ha ha ha! Now that's what I want to see. Good luck to ya, make your home region proud.

I smiled back at him, and ran for the door. I walked back downstairs to the main lobby, and out the entrance doors I go. Once I got outside, I spoke with Lucian for a few minutes, before I waved to him goodbye, as I was off to Novia for my journey.

I walked down towards the harbour, where many different kinds of water types can be seen underwater, enjoying the vibrant weather. I walked up the steps towards the S.S. Abyssal, and showed one of the sailors my ticket.

Sailor: You are good to go young man, where are ye heading to?

Davion: I am heading to the Novia Region, I smiled.

Sailor: Novia huh? I've never been there before, but sure! I'll let the captain know that we need to travel to Novia.

He gave me a grin, and told me where I needed to sit on the ship. I waved goodbye to him, and went inside the S.S. Abyssal.

S.S. Abyssal
When I went inside the ship, I could see many other passengers on board, sitting down quietly, reading books or watching the news. I walked up the aisle of the ship to find where my seat was, it didn't take long at all to be honest. Once I settled in my seat, I took out everything that I had in my bag, the one that my mother gave to me at Jubilife City.

Then I took out Chimchar's Pokeball, and stared at it with a smile. "It's just you and me now, I told Chimchar. Here we were, on a ship to a region that I have never been to before, where I was going to start my journey with you. I'll miss Sinnoh, I really will, but I must do it for my own safety. I can't let Team Galactic find me, and possibly kill me for being the son of a famous miner who died on Mt. Coronet.

They know who I am, because of my father. My father used to be a Pokemon Trainer too here in the Sinnoh Region, which is why he is so well known and respected to this day. He used to get in Team Galactic's way however, which mean't that he was in trouble, and knew that he had to stop them from whatever they were doing.

My father collected all of the eight badges, but he never once considered challenging the Pokemon League, and the champion. He instead retired as a trainer and began working for the Oreburgh Mining Company, and from there..

"Attention all passengers! This is your captain speaking. We will soon be departing to Iron Island, and Wisteria City in the Novia Region. We will be dropping off the crowd going to Iron Island first, and then we will drop off the other crowd at Wisteria City, in the Novia Region. We thank you for choosing the S.S. Abyssal today, and we hope you enjoy the ride."

I guess we will soon be departing, I thought to myself. I will be honest though, I have never left Sinnoh by myself before, so I am quite nervous. To think that I am leaving my home region because of a villainous organization is crazy, nevertheless.

I just hope that Professor Rowan and everyone else can deal with Team Galactic, while I am in Novia. Cyrus is the boss of Team Galactic right? He is the one who is responsible for all this.. Whatever, all I can do now is escape to Novia, and start my own journey there with Chimchar.

I love you mom, I will miss you dearly. I didn't even say goodbye to you, and here I am.. I will do this for you too mother! I will make you proud. I will collect every single badge that Novia has to offer, beat the Pokemon League that is over there, and become Novia Champion. Mark my words.. I will return, once I become the champion.


Goodbye, Sinnoh.

And so.. Davion and his partner Chimchar assent from Canalave Harbour, towards their next destination, the Novia Region. With many memories and challenges ahead of him, what will Davion do from here on out? And what awaits Davion over in the new region? Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter of Novia's Quest.