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An Old Sketchbook: Nova Used Flare Blitz!

by Aura

Super Nova.png
Aura Who knew water(colour) would be great for depicting fire? Anyway, this is an old OC of mine whom I've drawn before looking much more human before (the characters in this RP sort of started humanish and slowly became much more beast like. Plot). If you're wondering what's up with her skin, her internal organs and muscles are mostly composed of magma, and its glowing through her skin in certain places.
  1. Domin6
    This is so AWESOME!
    I love your use of multiple mediums, the texturing, and the overall design of the piece. Keep up the great work.
    Oct 9, 2017
    Aura likes this.
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    That is so cool! Nice discovery with the water color. The flaming hair, gold bangles, and tail actually make her look like an Infernape-human hybrid. Her internal organs and muscles being magma is a really awesome take on giving people fire abilities.
    Feb 5, 2016