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Notice me Senpai! (Contest Entry)

by Popplio

Popplio Did you notice me Ashsenpai? Nu? Uh.. I understand. You like Pikachu better? Ok then.

Hope you guys liked this one! I really am bad at drawing Pokemon characters. But anyways. Hope you like this Armourshipping love @greninjagirl!
  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 7, 2016
  2. BooBerry
    You pass!
    Pear: What?! This is not what I mentioned!
    Me: You? Come on pear, you didn't create the contest.
    AO: Yeah pear, you are rude to the underwear!
    Apr 7, 2016
  3. Astralpunk
    The love for Pokémon is stronger. Yeah, sorry Serena…
    Apr 7, 2016