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nostalgic cattos

by DizzyW

DizzyW here are some gen 1 cattos!
i got inspired to draw this when i saw somebody doing this with a flareon.
and um i might make a series out of this, but im bad at keeping promises so dont expect me to actually do more.
btw which one shall i do next???
  1. DizzyW
    Jun 14, 2019
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  2. Umbreon06
    Can you some like that with Eevee?
    Jun 13, 2019
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  3. PrincessPika~chan
    Neat, though there is the slight problem with the Persian, which I've noticed is that the nose is angled in the opposite direction when comparing the sprite to the artwork. other than that it's pretty good!
    Jun 12, 2019
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  4. 5DigitNeb
    the persian is missing an eye xd
    Jun 10, 2019
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  5. PokeStorm
    @earl eric turner What doggos are we referring to? Cuz we have the families of Lillipup, Growlithe, the three legendary beasts of Johto, and probably more that I can't think of right this very second.

    But Let's see how the Wigglytuff comes out first :D

    BTW @DizzyW Nice job with the Meowth! Other than Persian's right side of its face, it looks really good too! I really love when people bring back gen 1 memories :D
    May 29, 2019
  6. earl eric turner
    earl eric turner
    This looks cool, maybe u can do the nostalgic doggos next
    May 28, 2019
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  7. DizzyW
    @DreamyVictini i think that the shape of his head isnt right, but im not sure either. And sure, ill do wigglytuff.
    May 26, 2019
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  8. pluveon
    Something seems off with Persian but I don't know what...
    Also, do Wigglytuff next! It has a really weird sprite in R/B!
    May 26, 2019