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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Norman Town Battle (Fairy Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Mark are destined to go and find the right pokemon to win a badge in Norman's Town, knowing half their pokemon are weak against Fairy...
(Weak to Fairy: Uriel-Cacturne, Monferno, Sharpedo Mark-Nuzleaf, Conkeldurr, Lanturn)
We have been walking for hours, looking for a right pokemon to weaken Fairy types. Mark found and Scyther and I found an Onix, both holding Metal Coat. "Let's trade" I said. We traded and both of them evolve into Scizor and Steelix respectly. "Let's go" I said. "I'm staying to train more" He said and I went off to the gym. "Welcome, you were the one that saw the battle I had with that other kid name Mark" Fabiana said. "Yes, I'm Uriel from Lumiose City, in the Kalos region" I introduced myself. "Another kid, you won't win" she said. "Of course I will, Go Steelix" "What ever, go Floette use Fairy Wind, Stellix use Gyro Ball. Steelix managed to ko Floette. Go Spritzee use Vine Whip. Vine Whip almost took down Steelix. Steelix use Gyro Ball. Steelix again ko Spritzee. GO Sylveon finish Steelix off with Moonblast. Moonblast hits and Steelix faints. GO Monferno use Ice Punch, Sylveon use Fairy Wind. Sylveon almost knockout Monferno, but not quite and Monferno takes the lead. Go Slurpuff use Play Rough, Monferno use Thunder Punch. Slurpuff knockout Monferno. Go Medicham use Fire Punch. Slurpuff faints to Fire Punch and Uriel wins the match. "Here take it" Fabiana said. "Never thought to be beaten by you" she said. "Well, you know now, I'm off" I said and left on. Mark called later through phone. "Uriel, I won" he said. "Congrats dude, I won in the afternoon" I said. "Where are you" Mark asked. "I'm at Maul City, ready to take off for Tree City (Fortree City)" I told him. "I'm at Port City, mind waiting" he said. "Sure" I said and I waited. Mark eventually came and we headed off together to Tree City...