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Fan-characters: Non-Pokemon Character Trainer Teamshot #4 (Speedy Specialist Kazumi)

by ~Rinko~

Kazumi teamshot.png
~Rinko~ Seriously, I need a better title for these...

Anyways, about the Pokemon:
The theme type is obviously Normal, the other type that could've worked for her is Flying, which another character would need if I made one for her and also doesn't have much of a connection to her other than having some of the fastest Pokemon *cough*Ninjask*cough*. Steel could've worked, but it's a loooong stretch, few of them are very fast and Ashuuda already has that type.
The Pokemon themselves are there because they're some of the fastest Normal-types around, though it's Litleo instead of Pyroar because I don't think Kazumi's fierce enough to have it on her team when the Pokemon I pick are somewhat based around the personality of the character...

Both of the gen 6 Pokemon sprites were made by me, though the Litleo one is a bit disproportionate I think...
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