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Fan-characters: Non-Pokemon Character Trainer Teamshot #3 (Stealthy Trainee Saiyusuku Carusa)

by PrincessPika~chan

Saiyusuku Teamshot..png
PrincessPika~chan Someone please give me a better title >_<

Anyways, stoof about the team.
I honestly had no idea what type to go with because her power doesn't really fit with any of the Pokemon types clearly, so I was thinking about going with Normal, but then one of my other characters also need that because the other type that would work for has to go to someone else. Electric is probably the closet fit to her power to be absolutely honest, though is still somewhat far off.
As for the individual Pokemon, only Voltorb is there because of her power, creating/detonating small mines that can stick onto people/things, the other two are there because of her stealthiness, which a ghost-type and a really fast Pokemon can easily represent.

Also look no gen 6/7 Pokemon hooray no more pai- wait shoot the next one-!
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