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Adventures Through Friedon Region!: Nolan's Adventure Through The Friedon Region! - Part 1

by Yoshiblaze

Yoshiblaze Nolan, a 4th-wall breaking, Pokemon-battling, wise-cracking 13 year old starts on his journey through the Friedon Region! And, oh boy, is it crazy! And, maybe cliche, but LET'S DO IT!~ Nolan
Part 1 - Starting Anew!
"Yawn! Ugh... Oh! Good morning, er, afternoon, readers! Nolan here. Oh, you don't know me? Impossible! I'm like the most famous person I know! ... Well, I don't know very many people... and the Professor... OH YEAH, PROFESSOR PALM! Today, I'm getting a Pokemon from him and going on an adventure through the Friedon Region (almost German for "Peace") to become the strongest trainer in the region... and see the beauty in the world or something dumb like that... Anyway, I'm 'fashionably' late, so let's MONTAGE!

With that pleasant introduction, Nolan "montage'd" his way through changing clothes, eating a rice ball, and talking to his mom, who's a former Elite 4 member.

"Did you pack everything, dear?" said Nolan's mom, Nelly.

"This backpack is like a Dimension-To-Go. I got LITERALLY everything" Nolan responded

"That's nice dear. But let me warn you, the world out there is pretty rough, even on a... uh... strong boy like you. I've had my fair share of scary experiences as a Dark-type Elite 4 Member. So, please, PLEASE be careful. Okay?"

"Don't sweat it, 'cuz it will be no sweat!
Initiate 4th wall mode Moms. They always worry too much, don't they? But, I live in a region literally named Peace. What could possibly go wron-"

Nelly then wraps Nolan in a hug.

"Mom..." Nolan grunted

"Be safe" Nelly said

"Sigh Alright..."

Nelly lets go. "Now. Go on! Have fun!"

Nolan, who's rib feels a bit cracked now, is already half way out the door "Sure thing! Oh, and tell Liepard I said goodbye!" With that, Nolan was off to fab and fame...
He's gonna crack in a week, I say.
"Hey, shut up Narrator!" Nolan yelled at me RUDELY.
"Oh, SORRY. Listen, just continue the story already!
Ugh... let's continue

Anfan Town
Nolan rushed through his door "Sniff! Ah... the smell of a new beginning. Don't you love it? ... Don't judge me... Anyway, this is Anfan Town It's quite typical
4 houses
A market
Route 531 up north
A Pokemon Lab
And the greatest Mine for Finding Future Champions...
J-Just saying..."
As Nolan walked to lab, his excitement grew and grew, and everybody in town knew it.
"Thank you , Captain Obvious" Nolan remarked
Shut it. Anyway, Nolan entered the Anfan Town Pokemon Lab. By the way, Anfan is almost the German word for beginning!

"Hey, Professor! ..." Nolan yelled
No response
"Professor Palm?"....
A Pinsir pin dropped

"Oh, hey little..."

"Nolan. Hi, Prof. Double P's Aide... So, where's the Professor?"

"Don't know" said the old Aide

"Wh- DON'T KNOW!?" Nolan exclaimed

"Hasn't been here all day" replied the Aide

"And... yet, you're still here?" asked Nolan

"An aide''s work never ends..."

".... That's deep, bro... Anyway, where could he be?"

"Probably up north" answered the Aide

"Thanks!" Nolan rolled out at the speed of sound at the mention of Route 531

"You're welcome... uh... what's-your-face!"

Nolan raced and raced out of the lab and to the grass.
"My mom always walked me through this route when we needed to travel north to buy something, or something. Usually, she'd put me on her Honchkrow and beat all of the wild Pokemon with Liepard or Spiritomb. Ah... those were the easy days"
Nolan stopped at the grass.
"Hm..." Nolan, contemplating a potentially life-changing decision, looked up and spotted a lump in the distance. "What's that?" Nolan, ignoring the countless warnings he got as a kid to NEVER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER walk in the tall grass without a Pokemon, walks towards the lump, until...
"PROFESSOR?!" Nolan screams. The Professor lies unconscious on the ground, seemingly hit by something. "P-Professor?... Palmer, dude" Nolan's shaking of the Professor does nothing.
Suddenly, Nolan hears something... or someone, rustling in the grass...
Nolan instinctively shot into a Karate position. "Who goes there? I've got kicks, and kicks in my kicks!"
"Laughter Oh, don't make me laugh!"A figure dresses in a sleek green jumpsuit stepped out "Hello, scrub."

"Who you calling a scrub? ...Scrub" Nolan retorted

"Hah, is that the best you got?!" The Green Man said

"...Yep... But, did you knock out the Professor?"

"Yeah, he wasn't handing over the Pokemon, so I had to take extreme measures.... Shoot, I said too much!"

"You said 1 sentence"

"SHUT IT. Anyway, you're about to meet the same fate as that Professor over there! Go, Shroomish!" The Green Man sends out a pretty average Shroomish.

"Uh-oh... " Pokeballs, possibly from a struggle were all over the floor. Nolan, in a panic, grabbed one "Alrighty, go, Pokemon!" Nolan chucked the Pokeball at the floor sending out...
"Oh, uh, awesome! Alright Ponyta, Flare Blitz!"
Ponyta stood still
"Okay... Ponyta, Flamethrower!"
Pontya stayed put.
"My gosh..."

"Stop wasting my time, scrub. Shroomish, Headbutt!" The Green Man said, frustrated.
Shroomish charged forward, with creating headaches in mind.

"Mayday, Mayday! Uh-um, uh, INCINERATE, PLEASE!" Nolan begged
Pontya's mouth lights up and shoots out a blast of fire, hitting Shroomish.


"Urgh.." The Green Man grunted

"Uh... Stomp?" Nolan blurted
Pontya hopped to action, Stomping on the top of Shroomish's little head, knocking it out

"WHAT?! H-HOW, Ugh, I'll get you for this!" The Green Man said, stomping off without his prize....
_________________________End of the Part 1 to Part 1___________________
What happens next? Stay tuned!
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