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Adventures Through Friedon Region!: Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: The Very Best? (Part 4)

by Yoshiblaze

Yoshiblaze After getting destroyed by the loud mouthed and cocky Disaster and her Absol, Nolan rethinks his life choices.... if he was SOME BABY. We move on just as planned,chop chop! ~ Nola- I mean Narrator
Nolan... The summary's my job....
"Yeah, yeah, whateve- OH, WE'RE ON. Hi, guys, Nolan here. I'm the Ponyta training, Absol battling, Disaster defying 13 year-old with a 'tude! Last time, we defied said Disaster"

Actually, you got destroyed, Nolan

"Shut up, they won't know. Nobody read the last part!" Nolan replied

You know what that's right.... so, go read the last part

"NO DON'T- Ugh, whatever....
F-Fine, I got destroyed in the last part because of that stupid Disaster. The only thing that was a 'Disaster' was her hair. But, we won't let that little slip up eat away at our soul until we die, r-right?" Nolan said nervously

Uh huh. Anyway, Nolan started on the walk up from Anfan Town through Route 531, battling anything in his way, with a bit of a new aggression.

"I always had this aggression. Now shush"
"Okay, you narrate again" Nolan finally answered

As Nolan walked up the route, a lass walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

"DID YOU JUST TALK TO ME?!" She yelled when he turned around

"...What? You talked to me first thou-" Nolan started, confused, but the lass already sent out her Igglybuff and Ponyta got ready.
"... Okay..." He said, and then he mumbled "For once, I have no idea what's going on"

"Igglybuff, Sing for me!" The lass commanded
Igglybuff used its best singing voice to sing a... well, there's no sugar coating this, EAR SPLITTING TUNE.

"OH MY GOSH, MY EARS" Nolan shrieked.
At the sound of this, Ponyta sidestepped out the way of the sound waves and charged at Igglybuff.
"Urgh... I-Iron Tail..." Nolan told Ponyta, his ears possibly bleeding
Ponyta metal...isizes... metal-isizes her tail and slams it into Igglybuff at a higher speed than usual.

The poor wittle Igglybuff got absolutely destroyed, fainting from that hit alone.
"WHAT?! Alright, go Skiddo!" The lass said, sending out her second Pokemon, Skiddo

This time, Kricketot's Pokeball started moving on Nolan's belt
"Hm?" Nolan grunted, surprised "Uh, okay. Ponyta, step back" Which she did, reluctantly "Go, Kricketot!"
Kricketot is sent out, clearly hyped.

What happens next is kinda saddening, mostly for the poor lass, but Nolan won in one hit, basically.

After the lass ran off, crying in the agony of defeat, Nolan stood still and stared at his Pokemon. "..................Well, dang" He said

"Pony-ta! (We did it!)" Ponyta neighed
Kricketot played a tune, TAKE NOTES IGGLYBUFF, sounding very delightful.

Nolan wasted a few more minutes looking surprised, until he realized it. "You guys were salty about that loss, too, weren't you?"
Ponyta "smiled"
Kricketot played another happy tune
Then, surprising even me, Nolan laughed... "Haha, and I thought I was the one showing new aggression" And Nolan started walking once again...

Nolan, after many broken souls later, got up to the next town.
It was a small town, slightly bigger than Anfan.
7 houses
1 Mart
1 Pokemon Center
1 Museum small business... what?

"Hm? What's the place?" Nolan wondered as he got out his PokeDex. "There's gotta be a map on this thing...if it's not like my old toy PokeDex... sigh That thing was so useless.
Nolan, after some fiddling, found the map app and opened it

"Wachstream Town....Weird name.... Eh..." Nolan walked into the Pokemon Center and healed up his Pokemon....

Nelly's Honckrow hovered high above Nolan in Wachstream Town
"Hm..." mumbled Nelly, Nolan's mother. "He looks fine, no bruises, or signs of emotional scarring...."
"Honch!" Honchkrow randomly shrieked
"Hope he'll be alright..." Nelly said to herself ....
"It's a dark world out there, at least I think..."

______________________END OF PART 4____________________________________