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Adventures Through Friedon Region!: Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: ABSOL-ute Disaster (Part 3)

by Yoshiblaze

Yoshiblaze Last time, Nolan defeated his new rival, Jacoby, in an ACTION PACKED BRAWL FOR THE AGES! Well, not really, but *STATIC* ...
What the? Wh-what's going on!
"Step aside, narrator, this is MY part"
Wh-what do you mean? This is MY job, and you can't change-
"Ab... SOL!"...
"He won't be back for awhile" ~ Disaster
... So, Hey guys, long time no see!... YOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD?! H-HOW WOULD I DIE, I'M ONLY 13!.... ANYway, for those of you who don't know, and you should, I'm Nolan. A Pokeball throwing, Ponyta training, currently cornered 13 year-old future champion with a 'tude! And, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation... Mom was saying something about Kricketot and Sticky Web a few years back, wonder if I can do that... Um... back to the show?"

"Well, well, well. Trainer, you may call me.

"Disaster... that certainly describes your hair." Nolan said back

"Hey, noob, shut it. Listen here, you're MY prey, and I need to eat" Disaster shot back

"Nah, I'm too big to eat. I mean, do you see my bulging muscles?"

"...You're a kid..."

"...I-I'm working on it..." Nolan reassured her.

"Anyway, you're mine!" Disaster threatened.

"Pfft, oh please, I'm gonna be the best trainer this world's ever known. What can you do?" Nolan stated, with such an inflated head,we could power a hot air balloon.... Oh yeah, I, the Narrator, is fine. Just some bruises, that's all...

"How did you get those bruises?" Nolan asked me.

"Absol sol (That's my work)" Disaster's Absol answered smugly.

"Oh... well, still, you're chopped Torchic liver compared to me, missy" Nolan replied "Bring it on!"

Ponyta shuddered a bit "Pony pony ta pony (This isn't a good idea)"

"Fine, be that way. I'll give you a wake up call!" Disaster called! "Go, Absol!"
Absol menacingly stepped forward

"Alright, go, my Kricketot!" Nolan stylishly sends out his Kricketot for it's first battle.

C'mon Nolan, you've got this!

"Thanks Narrator! I've totally got this..." Nolan readied himself "Oh, I guess I should check Kricketot's moves..." Nolan pulls out his PokeDex and scans Kricketot

The PokeDex boots up and scans Nolan's Kricketot:
"Kricketot, the Cricket Pokemon. At night, groups of Kricketot perform Orchestral ensembles to entertain the other Pokemon in their habitat.
It's moves are: Struggle Bug, Endeavor, Growl, and Bide"

"Alright, I see." Nolan soaked in the information.

"Absol, Knock Off!" Disaster commanded.
Absol lunges forward, "murder" (we mean "knockouts") on its mind.

"WOAH, um, uh. STRUGGLE BUG!" Nolan panicked.
Kricketot bangs its antennae together, making an odd noise, it's sound waves hitting Absol right before Absol could hit Kricketot.

Absol takes quite a bit of damage

"Ha! Told you !I will be the best, and there's nothing YOU can do about it." Nolan bragged.

"Ha. Ha. HA! What are you talking about?" Disaster retorted

"What do you mean? I just did a ton of damage to that Absol of yours" Nolan replied with a reasonable-ish statement... I think his ego grew a little

"You're pathetic. You get one hit in and you talk Trubbish? How sad" Disaster explained "How about I give you a quick reality check? Absol, Rock Tomb!"

Absol summons Rocks out of nowhere and hurls them at Kricketot in a circular formation

"Pfft. Struggle Bug again, Kricketot" Nolan said.
What he didn't realize is right before Kricketot could unleash it's sick beats, the rocks trapped Kricketot in a tight space. "Sssssssssshoot"

"See what I mean?" Disaster said "Take out the trash, Absol. Knock Off!"

Absol lunges forward once and slaps Kricketot with HUGE impact, which also gets rid of the rocks

"Uh-oh... Um, uh, Growl!" Nolan panicked once more

Kricketot makes another sound, this one more menacing, lowering Absol's precious Attack stat.

"Won't make a difference, in the slightest" Disaster reacted smugly "Rock Tomb, and finish it!"

Absol uses Rock Tomb once more, causing Krictetot to faint

"WHAT?! Im-impossible!" Nolan reacts, shocked that he could actually lose his 2nd ever trainer battle. "Urgh. Ponyta, you can do it!"

Ponyta cautiously steps forward

"Hmm. Checkmate, my enemy"

"The saying's 'My friend', you dolt"

"Excuse you, Trubbish. That's my new name for yo. Trubbush. Anyway, Absol, Water Pulse."

"Excuse me, WHAT! HOW DOES THAT THING USE WATER-" Nolan started

Then, Absol summons a ball of water and launches it from it's mouth.

Before Nolan can remove his shocked gaze, Ponyta skillfully dodges the Water Pulse

"Rapid fire, Absol"

Absol does just that, shooting Water Pulse after Water Pulse.

Ponyta keeps dodging them

"Ponyta, y-you're amazing! Ponyta, Incinerate!" Nolan called

Ponyta stops to shoot a powerful burst of fire. Unfortunately, the Incinerate attack collides with a Water Pulse, and directly hits Ponyta.

"Oh no, Ponyta! You alright" Nolan said, worried.

"Ta! Pony-ta! (No! Not done-yet!)" Ponyta said, standing upright.

"That's my boy, with an i"
"That's my boi, with an i" Nolan said. "Iron Tail!"

Ponyta turnsit's tail into a searing metal coat and dashes at Absol.

"Hehe. You're finished, kid" Disaster cackled

"No way, my Ponyta's undefeated!" Nolan replied

"In how many battles?'

"3. TOP THAT!"

"Like I said, your're a pathetic trainer with a lofty goal. Why did even say you had room to grow back in that bush." Disaster taunted

"False!" Nolan said

As he said that, Ponyta's Iron Tail lands directly with Absol. Absol simply shakes it off, however.

"We're done here" Disaster says before Absol launches another Rock Tomb, as if it read Disaster's mind

"Ponyta, dodge it!" Nolan commands
This Rock Tomb lands head on, knocking out Ponyta. "WHAT!?! H-HOW DID I LOSE?! The Future champ can't lose... Right?]
Not necessarily
"Shut up, I'm sulking"

Disaster laughs like a maniac. "And that shows that you're at the very bottom of the food chain, noob. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fun"

"Grrr... Y-YOU JUST GOT LUCKY! I WILL BECOME THE BEST, YOU HEAR!" Nolan pathetically shoots back

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep dreaming, kid" Disaster replied, turning to walk away. "I don't even know why I bothered with you. But, now I know nobody from Anfan Town is even a threat. See ya later, noob" Disaster walks off, back into the bush, with Absol.

"...I'LL SHOW YOU, SOMEDAY!" Nolan yelled after Disaster " I'LL SHOW... you... someday?" Nolan looked down at his Kricketot's Pokeball, and Ponyta nursing it's wounds, helpless. "Is she right? Am I just, a nobody trainer?... Hmm, no way. Sh-she just got lucky, that's all. I'll continue my quest, and I WILL be the best. And no "disaster" will stop me! " Nolan picks himself up, and Ponyta, and keeps going on to the next town, with big dreams in mind...

But, I think Nolan just had the biggest reality check of his life... and we're only on part 3! ...You've got to wonder, however... Can Nolan make it?

"Ahem, Narrator. I know what Absol did to ya, and I don't think you wanna make me angry right now" Nolan replied

Or what?

"Alright. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse" Nolan sends out and Ponyta and...


End of Part 3