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Noble Outcasts: Noble Outcast ch:2

by Koda ESP

Koda ESP So I lied last time... it's not really about @D.j The Hydreigon @Lord Of Pain or @Midnight Espeon
NOC Chapter 2. The Thieves-
The girl woke up, she was in a dark room. She quickly arose and looked to see where she was. She felt iron in front of her... she was in a cage. The girl grabbed the bars and turned into her shadow form. She slid through them and found a ladder. She climbed the latter and had wondered her way into what seemed to be a bunker.
She heard 2 voices, both arguing about how to make ale the right way. She began to sneak past when she stumbled and fell, alerting the two figures. They both stopped talking and asked who the girl was. The girl looked at their eyes and said, "I'll tell you who I am if you can tell me who you are first." So the bigger figure, with the one red eye, steeped into the light. He was a large, fat dwarf, with a blonde braided beard drenched in many beers and wines. His other eye had a cloth patch over it and he wore a crown made of iron. The dwarf chugged a Ale until it ran down his beard and onto the floor, and with his best, drunk smile, he said, "I am known as Painless, the King of the Drunk Dwarves!" He then began to shake, and he grabbed another glass of Ale... The second figure, with yellow eyes, lit a candle to reveal a slim female with long purple and black hair. She Smiled and said, "I'm Skyla, X-Knight of King Lucas the 1st!". She wore light armor, and carried a Bow and short sword. The girl, now realizing who the two were gulped in fear. These were two respected war heroes that stood in front of her. The girl looked up at them and said, "My name is Luna".
From the shadows behind, a arm reached out and grabbed Luna by the hair. It was the third figure with the purple eyes. "Well, it's a pleasure Mrs. Luna, but you forgot to let me introduce myself." He said. The figure stepped out to reveal a tall male, wearing a bandits mask and a hood. He had a dagger in his right hand and Luna's hair in the other. "I am called by Many names", the man began to say," My friends call me Sin, My enemies call me Death, and my dad called me his Problem... but you can call me Echo." Luna began to struggle for freedom, but Echo only held tighter. Painless began to beg Echo to let go and Skyla even tried to make his let go forcefully. His grip never loosened. Echo leaned close to Luna, grabbed her chin while still holding his weapon and asked, "So madam, how did you escape your cell?" Luna began to speak, when a door behind Echo opened to reveal a Maid with tied back red hair and bright green eyes. The Maid began to call dinner when she saw Echo holding the girl by her Hair. She grabbed Echo by his hood and threw him against the wall. She began to curse him out for what he had done to the poor girl. He just stood there quietly with no emotion in his eyes. After about 10 minuets she released him and demanded an apology to both Herself and the Poor girl. Echo looked over at Luna and said, "My pardons" to her and then over to the Maid, "Sorry for the trouble Wendy." And he retreated to the shadows. The Maid Wendy then knelt down to Luna and apologized, saying he just has a hard time controlling himself. Luna teared up and asked," Where am I?" Wendy began to explain how the room they were in was actually the basement to her tavern. Wendy did her business up stairs and others did their business down stairs. Wendy was famous for her non-Alcoholic Ale, and was the #1 Waitress/ Bartender in town.
Skyla grabbed Luna by the arm and invited her to come upstairs and see the tavern for herself. Painless insisted on it, in hopes he'd get more to drink! So Painless, Skyla and Wendy gave Luna the grand tour. All of the Bakery, the Brewery, the Bar was a wonder to Luna. Being a poor girl, she never got to experience such beauty as a Tavern. After work hours, Wendy locked the door, and went downstairs with Luna. They went into the down stairs kitchen and Wendy began to prepare dinner. Painless stumbled into the dining area, and pulled up his seat early so he could watch the meal be prepared. Skyla walked in afterwards so that way she wouldn't wait as long. Before Echo came in, Wendy had grabbed Luna and assigned her the head seat of the table, usually Echo's seat, but not for tonight. Minuets later, Echo walked in and stood over Luna. Wendy spoke up as she finished preparing the meal and said, "She's sitting there, you'll need a different seat!" So Echo turned to the next nearest chair. "And that one is My seat." Wendy added. So he went to the last open seat. The Mutton was laid down in front of them and Luna was given first picks at the food. As the night went on, the table was silent. All seemed to be well when Wendy stood up from her seat, slammed her hands on the table and yelled, "Were Keeping Her!" Echo calmly said, "No we won't..." and Wendy immediately exclaimed, "Yes we are! This is MY Tavern and MY rules!" Echo once more said, "Were not keeping her." and Wendy was enraged! She grabbed a wine bottle and threw it at his head! He continued to eat as if nothing happen. So she grabbed another wine bottle and did the same thing again! By the third bottle, Echo looked up from his plate and reminded her she'd have to clean up the wine. Before Wendy could get to her kitchen Knife Echo said, "As of now, I won't keep her. That doesn't mean you can't Wendy." Everyone let out a sigh of relief and finished their food. After the meal, Wendy and Echo began to clean up the wine and Skyla showed Luna to her temporary room. Luna smiled as she was tucked into her new bed and said, "I think I like it here." And Skyla said, "Me too"
  1. TooBlue12
    I didn't know the 2nd chapter was out so I am here late. ><
    It was really good and I am looking forward to when you do the next one. I hope I will realize once it comes out next time though. XD Let's just say I am fashionably late.
    Nov 8, 2016
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  2. Alex The Hydreigon
    Nov 5, 2016
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