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No Backspaces, Act 2.

by Your-Friday-Filet

Today I will be doing the same hing I did last time ,but I ill indtead not look at the keyboard whatsoever.

Alright starting now:
Wow I'm watching NASCAR for some reason. I've never watchied it in my life, nyt I uess I'm doing it now. Wow it's just like the movie Cars wbecause there's Cars in it. How incredibly boring.... Bat to see them turn at the corners I guess.. Wit this isn't NACASR? I can't really tell. Oh go it's that horribl GMC commerciallllll . Like the one that goes "nah nah nah nah" adn has a whole bunhc of middle aged dads sauwalking about a mountain. I forgot if I already mentipned thT but I'm not evn looking at my screen. Now what to talk about?? There's a treadmill in my living room because it can't go downstairs. I'mnot sure who'll use it though. Oh dear lord a huge America's Got Talent promotional popup thing went on screen I hink i"l change the cannel now. NOw "Monster ands Mysteries in America", of course that's no the Travel Channel lol. Ok it's a nold lady who's looking thorugh a picturebook and oh god what is that- I guess these people were adbcuted by aaliens? No just his son, I mean her. Now this guy called Dr. Simon is hypnotizing these peopl? Oh god his voide is-- Alright now this is a bit weird. He's uing hypnosis to mKW RHWM RECLA MEMORIES THEY HAD ABOUT A UFO OR SOMTHING IDK. aNYWAYS THIS IA TBIT UNSELTTING Z . fine i"LL STOP. lET'S JUS T TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE, LIKE POKEMON. uh well something I'm noticing is that I'm actually horrendoue at competitive . I mean of course I a, but still. I don't think I've ever won an online battle so far, hgang on got to Discord text one of me chums, Imagine having autocorrect, has to be cringe. Dw it was on my phone not on h PC I'm on . Well I just realize I mean I didn't just realize this but I think we need to draw the line at what a first name should be. I mean I doubt that anyways would want to be named, sau, Ko;oam, rp spmething I hop that name came across, but I have a chum named Killian and he said he genuinely hates his name Like ok you want your kid to be "uniaaue" or something abut it oesn't really matter. Maybe that's jut m official opinion on the matter but hatev . Well on that show something extroadinarily strange happened- i t played a reenactment of thesr two p3ople's andictopms amd wow this Applebees and Tidepod ad both have the same singer in their songs. They played one after the other so yeah that's pretty trange . Oh now a dentistru commercial that tries to i men nevermind I forgot was I what going to say. Ohhh Betty and Barney are husband and wife that makes more sense OH GOD A NEEDLE WENT INTO HER NAVEL> I mwN DEANKLY THE GUY HAD IT BETTER ORFF. WELL ANYWAYS I FEEL LIKE IT'S TIME TO WRAP THIS UP. BYE AND I HOPE I GOT 100$ OF THIS SRIHT. AND I DEFINITELY DID!!

Afterthoughts: Ok wow, I hit Caps Lock instead of Shift a couple of times.
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  1. Shikowara
    This is great XD
    You're a very funny guy. I liked your first one of these. Nice to see another.
    Jun 1, 2021