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Ry_Burst Requests: Nito vs Kukui

by Ry_Burst

Both Kukui and Nito stood face to face. Both were clutching their pokeballs tightly. The battle was about to begin. The battle to decide the Alolan Champion. Professor Kukui, the reining chance stood at ready, ready for this challenge. It was time for the age old tradition, champion vs challenger, the ultimate test of skill. To determine if Nito was ready for this fight.

“I don't really wanna be the Champion of the Pokémon League I made myself, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to take on the biggest and baddest Trainer there is, right? After all, I do love my research!" Kukui said stretching his arms back, like an open hug. “Now, let’s get this battle, underway. Go Lycanroc!” The professor tossed the Pokeball in his hand towards the field. In a flash of light, the Wolf Pokemon appeared and gave a howl.

“Okay, if you’ll go with Lycanroc, then I’ll go with Primarina!” Nito shouted tossing out his Pokemon. The Soloist Pokemon appeared and gave a light cry of joy. She was ready to begin.
“This will be an easy match. Water vs Rock. It’s a walk in a park.” Nito happily thought.

“I’ll begin with some quick thinking. Use Accelorck!” Kukui shouted. Lycanroc gave a howl, and jumped forward, and began to charge at Primarina. He became engulfed in a white light and slammed into Primarina knocking her back, before she had a chance to respond. “And now hit her with a Crunch attack!” Lycanroc gave a twirl, while close up, and chomped down to deliver a bit of damage. Both of these back to back attacks, weren’t the most effect attacks against a Water and Fairy type, but they still did some which was some. That is what mattered, not just types.

“Now, Primarina, counter with Hydro Pump!” Nito commanded, ready to deal some damage in return. Primarina reeled back to fire a blast of high pressurized water at the Rock Type. With that close range hit, it did a good amount of damage. However Lycanroc wasn’t knocked away! The Wolf Pokemon, had dug his claws into the ground to keep it’s footing.

“Now, Lycanroc, hit em hard with our secret plan! Thunder Fang!” Kukui shouted, giving a childish grin. Lycanroc leapt ahead and bit hard onto Primarina’s neck, delivering a powerful shock. Primarina staggered back, as soon as Lycanroc let go, and collapsed unable to battle.

Nito swallowed hard, as he returned Primarina to her pokeball. It proved Kukui’s strength, by how he beat past type advantages, to get an early win. He needed to stop Kukui’s momentum, and get his first win for this battle. “Go Lucario!” The Red Lucario appeared and flexed his muscles, ready to strike back, and strike back hard.

“Okay Lycanroc, let’s do this. Use Stone Edge!” Kukui shouted, without his grin even faulting the slightest. Lycanroc gave a howl, and sharp stones circled around Lycanroc. Then with incredible speed, the wolf fired the stones at Lucario.

“Go, counter with Bone Rush!”Nito commanded. A white bone, made of energy appeared in Lucario’s palms, as he swung to deflect the stones, into the dirt. “I’m stronger then you think! Go use Aura Sphere!” The bone faded, and the red Lucario formed a blue ball of aura in his palms. Then he fired, with a powerful blast that slammed into Lycanroc, knocking, the previously injured Lycanroc, out.

“Wow, good attack, and strong Pokemon. But watch out for my Alolan Ninetails!” Kukui shouted, winding his arm back, and throwing the Pokeball, like a baseball. The snowy white Ninetails appeared gracefully, waving her tails back and forth. “Now, use Blizzard!” The Ninetails wagged her tails, and her eyes became a chilling blue. She opened her mouth to let loose a barrage of freezing cold wind and frost.

Lucario crossed his arms and took the powerful attack. Ice clung to the Fighting and Steel type’s face. “Okay, use Extreme Speed!” The jackal like Pokemon, pressed his palms together, and charged at Ninetails, with unfathomable speed. He charged and hit the Ninetails in a full body tackle. Then Lucario used his legs to jump away from Ninetails to gain a bit of distance.

“Okay, my snow queen, Ninetails, let’s go dazzle to field with a Dazzling Gleam attack!” Kukui shouted. Ninetails opened her mouth and leapt high into the air. From her mouth she fired a raibow colored stream of energy that crashed into Lucario. Meanwhile, using her front paws, Ninetails, landed gracefully.

Lucario stumbled back, taking a chunk of damage from that attack. “Okay use Focus Blast!” Nito countered. In his paws, he formed a orange ball of energy. He stretched his arms, and thrusted it forward, firing the blast towards the Alolan Ninetails.

“Go! Psyshock!” Kukui shouted. Ninetails raised her head, and fired a dark purple beam of energy towards Lucario’s Focus Blast. It engulfed it, destroying the attack, and continuing towards Lucario. The blast smashed into Lucario, knocking out the Aura like Pokemon.

“Okay, it’s not over yet! Go Charizard!” Nito shouted tossing the Pokeball above his head in the air. The Shiny Charizard emerged, with a slight sparkle. With the black color, and fire burning bright on his tail, he seemed to radiate with power. “Okay, use Flamethrower!” Nito commanded, deciding to skip the theatrics and do some serious damage. The Shiny Charizard opened his mouth to bellow intense flames from above towards the Alolan Pokemon.

“Oh, come now, I’m ready for this! Go Dazzling Gleam, once more!” Kukui shouted, waving his left arm in the air. From a ground position this time, Ninetails, once again fired, a rainbow colored blast that collided with the flames, causing a huge explosion of color and light.

When the dust cleared, Charizard flew high above the field, while Ninetails, lay slumped defeated. Her stamina had run out from the last battle. “Okay, return my Alolan Ninetails, and you’d better be brave. Cause here comes my fierce fighter, Braviary!” In a quick motion Kukui swapped out his fainted one, with one ready to go. The Valiant Pokemon flapped his wings, and gave a loud screech.

Charizard responded with an equally loud roar. “Okay, use Steel Wing!” Nito shouted quickly. Charizard’s wings glowed with a silvery grey light, and were wrapped in energy. He soared forward, surging with power and slammed into Braviary, pushing the bird like Pokemon back.

Kukui grinned widely. “Crush Claw!” Braviary swung his talons forward in an arc, while they glowed with a white light. Braviary grappled onto Charizard’s tail and gave a hard squeeze.

“Char!” Charizard roared in pain, as he began to thrash around, trying to break free. “This is bad. I need to break free of this hold,” Nito thought to himself, while biting his lip. Then, he got an idea.

“Okay, Charizard, use Dragon Tail!” Nito shouted hopefully. Charizard’s black tail gave a glow, and soon was covered in green scales made of energy. Charizard swung upward, breaking Braviary’s hold, and slamming into the Normal and Flying types chest. In a downward spiral, Braviary crashed into the ground slamming hard into the dirt.

“Okay Braviary, use Tailwind,” Kukui said, as soon as Braviary had stood back up. Braviary gave a shriek and flapped his wings. The winds sped up, and blew had against Charizard. “Now Brave Bird!” Braviary folded his wings back and charged at Charizard, while wrapped in blue flames.

“Counter with Flare Blitz!” Charizard’s body became engulfed in a searing hot flame. The Shiny Charizard dove into a headlong charge, while using these flames to propel himself forward. Both Flying Types crashed head on, sending a shockwave throughout the battlefield. Dust flew up, completely blocking the view of the two battlers.

When the dust cleared, after a moment of anticipation, both battlers learned that it was a double knock-out. Both trainer gave a nod, and returned their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs. Currently the battle was tied with three Pokemon left each. The battle was reaching it’s peak. It now was time to kick things up a notch. Both trainers grabbed their Pokeballs off their belts, and tossed in onto field, wordlessly.

A Decidueye and a Magnezone both took the field. It was time to go.

“This move is gonna shock ya! Magnezone, use Thunder Wave!” Kukui shouted. Magnezone shook a bit, before being surrounded by electricity. Then, using his magnets, he fired the electricity at Decidueye, which wrapped around the Grass and Ghost Type, paralyzing it.

“Crud, now my speed is cut down, and of to make things worse, I, sometimes, won’t attack, when I need to.” Nito thought. “Okay, Decidueye let’s get things started with Leaf Blade!” He shouted, breaking his train of thought. The Arrow Quill Pokemon gave a nod, and charged at Magnezone with his feathers, glowing with a green energy. Then with incredible speed, the Pokemon charged at Magnezone and slashed the Electric and Steel type away.

“Now, Thunderbolt!” Kukui countered seeing his chance for a counter attack. Magnezone charged and with a close range shock, knocked his opponent away, dealing a hunk of damage to Decidueye.

“I’m to slow to dodge his attacks, so I need to do some serious damage with my next few attacks.” Nito said clenching his fist. “Let’s use Spirit Shackle!” Decidueye quickly docked and arrow, in his wing, and fired towards Magnezone. The arrow hit Kukui’s Pokemon and exploded with a veil of darkness. Magnezone was tossed away, fainted.

“Okay, now, let’s go, Snorlax!” Kukui shouted switching out his Pokemon. “Let’s start things off with Heavy Slam!” Snorlax leapt into the air and dove down towards Decidueye.

“Dodge!” Nito shouted, sure that Decidueye could dodge this attack easily. However, before Decidueye could move to avoid the attack, the paralyzation kicked in, keeping Decidueye from moving. The attack landed, doing serious damage, knocking out Decidueye.

“Time for some speed, go Scizor!” Nito shouted tossing out his second to last Pokemon. The red speedy Pokemon appeared and punched a few jabs against air to show off his strength. “Start things off with Brick Break!” Scizor’s right claw glowed with a soft orange light, as he propelled himself forward, ready to strike

“Okay Snorlax! Use Mega Punch!” Kukui shouted. The large Pokemon reeled back with his fist, and positioned himself. As the distance between him and Scizor increased, Snorlax released his arm, skyrocketing his fist forward. The two punches collided, sending Scizor flying back. Sure, Snorlax took damage, but considerably less, and didn’t move on account of his weight.

“Okay, Scizor let’s go with a Metal Claw attack!” Nito shouted. Scizor, once again buzzed towards his opponent, but this time, his claw was a grey steel like color. The hit connected, sending ripples across Snorlax’s stomach. Snorlax gave a smile.

“Okay, we got him, where we want him! Go Seismic Toss!” Kukui commanded, with his voice full of excitement. Snorlax grappled Scizor, and tossed him into the air. As the Bug and Steel type fell back towards the earth, Kukui gave another command. “Fire Blast!” Snorlax fired a blast of flames that slammed into Scizor, tipping the direction of the fall. Scizor flew back, and landed in the dirt, about 6 feet from Snorlax.

Scizor struggled to his feet, still reeling from that super effective combo. “Okay Scizor, let’s go bud! Use X-Scissor!” Scizor took a second to process before moving his arms to fire a green X towards Snorlax. The attack hit Snorlax and exploded, only dealing a small amount of damage.

“Hyper Beam!” Kukui shouted. An orange orb appeared in Snorlax’s mouth, and began to spin. Then from it, he fired a powerful orange beam that crashed into Scizor, knocking him out.

Nito returned Scizor to his Pokeball silently. He had only one Pokemon left. Kukui had two. Snorlax had to be feeling the damage now. He needed to finish this. “Go Dracoss!” He shouted tossing out his final and most loyal Pokemon, his Serperior, Dracoss. The slithering snake like Pokemon appeared in a flash of light. “Okay, use Leaf Blade!” Dracoss spun, head first, and slammed his tail, which was coated in a green energy that formed a blade at the tip, and knocking into Snorlax.

Snorlax tried to block it with his arms, but was too slow, to properly stop the attack. He took hit head on, and gave a cry. “Okay Snorlax, let’s beat him back with a Fire Blast!” Snorlax gave a wheeze and fired a blast of flames towards Dracoss, hoping to get some super effective damage in.

“Okay Dracoss, dodge and use Dragon Tail!” Dracoss gave a spin to dodge the flames and slammed his tail, this time coated with purple energy scales, into Snorlax, knocking him out.

“Okay, it looks like I’m on my last Pokemon,” Kukui said returning Snorlax to his Pokeball. “Now it’s time to turn things around. For my final Pokemon, go Incineroar!” The Wrestler Cat Pokemon appeared and flexed his muscles menacingly. “Use Flamethrower!” Incineroar bellowed flames in a straight jet towards Dracoss.

“I can’t let him get any fire type moves in.” Nito thought. “Okay Dracoss use Hyper Beam!!” Dracoss fired an orange blast that collided with the Flamethrower causing a huge explosion that rocked the battlefield. When the dust cleared, he saw Kukui was doing a dance. “He’s using a Z-move!” Nito thought.

“INFERNO OVERDRIVE!” Kukui roared. Incineroar was engulfed in flames and he rocketed forward, clipping Dracoss’ left side, before the grass type had a chance to respond. Dracoss was sent flying back. Was this battle over already?

Dracoss struggled back up. “Okay, let’s go right now with one move Return!” Dracoss charged forward. This attack would decide the match. If Nito and Dracoss’ friendship was strong enough he would have a chance. Dracoss slammed into Incineroar, knocking it into a wall. Incineroar fell the the ground. Now it was time to see if he would get up.

Seconds past, and Incineroar did not stir.

“I declare the winner of this match, Nito, our new Champion!” Kukui shouted returning Incineroar to his Pokemon.

Nito ran out to hug Dracoss. They had done it!
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