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Nina and Zel

by Silvally

Zel and Nina.jpg
Silvally Before i start the story i would like to see who knows why these Silvally's are names Zelgadis and Nina if you know tell me

Zelgadis Watching over the playful little Nina at the Aether foundation

This comes from a story that i don't have any plans of publishing on the internet so i'll give the synopsis

"After being able to research the Silvally after there reawakening Faba was shocked to find out they all now accepted the RKS system seeing a chance to redeem himself in Lusamine's Eyes he worked on making new Silvally to market like Porygon had been as he began to remake remake Silvally's through his own notes and it was all going along good but the morning be for he could add the final touch's a visiting trainers Ditto found its way to the lab Absorbing the raw genetic materials and something odd happened the ditto shot out a bunch of eggs then with out a single care left to find its trainer when Faba arrived at his lab he was in utter shock to find several Pint sized Silvally as soon as the tiny Pokemon spotted the light out Side of the Lab they bolted running off getting outside some jumping in the water and some even getting taken by Bird Pokemon in shock and Shamed again Faba relented and asked for help finding the baby Pokemon so Jasper, Gladion and several other trainers set out to find and save the runts"

Nina the Shyest of the babies is found by her lonesome in a cave to scared to even face the sun but takes a shine to Zel even after all the babies are found Jasper and Zel keep Nina even after Nina gets less shy