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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust And MoonMist: New Recruits and Rescue Quests!

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions In this chapter, Kokoro and Cookie get new recruits and getting new rescue requests!
~Cookie's P.O.V.~
I tossed and turned, but in a good way. Me and Kokoro finally formed a rescue team called, Rescue Team Cookies n' Cream! The next morning, a Pelipper named Pepper and her friend, Delia the Delibird flew by and delivered a Rescue Team Starter Kit to Kira's mailbox. We woke up and checked the mail, and it had the Rescue Team Starter Kit.

"Dear Rescue Team Cookies n' Cream,
We heard that you 2 formed a rescue team, so we sent a Rescue Team Starter Kit for you. P.S. We even did custom stuff for you!
Sincerely, Pelipper & Delibird Post Office."

"Yes! Custom stuff!"
We started opening the kit, and Kira used Psychic to help us open it and we looked. The badge showed Eevee and its 8 evolutions, so that equals 9 Eeveelutions. It was ultimate grand supreme platinum diamond Glitz n' Glam! Wow, that's a lot of words I said. The platinum badge dazzled and gleamed with the diamonds surrounding it. It had glitter, too! We looked at 2 toolboxes. Toolbox A and Toolbox B. Both of them were pretty pastels with glitter on it, with diamonds on it. Then I remembered we were supposed to go to Joy the Wigglytuff's Friend Area Shop! So we headed off, and brought everything with us.

"Friends are my treasures! Welcome to Joy the Wigglytuff's Friend Area Shop or JWFAS, for short."
"Um, yes, we are here for some new recruits, and we want a Fennekin in our team. How do we get a Fennekin in our team?"
"Fennekins love to live at Eternal Flame Meadow, where the summers are eternal, and you 2 are in luck, because I happen to give away Eternal Flame Meadow for free today!"
"Yay! Also, we want a Squirtle on our team. Where do Squirtles live?"
"Squirtles prefer to live at Crescent Beach, also where the summers are eternal, and the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful there! It's also free today, too!"
So we got the 2 Friend Areas, and then, in luck, a Fennekin and her friend, Squirtle came by. We felt our luck was 100% lucky today!
"Hi! I heard about you 2 forming a rescue team. Can we join?"
"Yay! By the way, my name's Bubbles. This is my friend, Ember."
"You can both join!"
So they joined, and we got some matching Pecha scarves at Kecleon Brothers Shop that were all pretty pastels with glitter, and diamonds on it! We wore them, then we checked to see any requests. There was one, and it said something like this:
Dear Team Cookies n' Cream,
Can you please escort me to my best friend, Chocolate Chip the Piplup? Thank you.
Sincerely, Ashe the Flareon
So we went to Dreamstar Forest, and we took Ashe to Chocolate Chip, successfully, However we had to fight, but it was a good source of experience points!
  1. AbbieEeveelutions
    Chapter 2!!! ♥ ;)
    Apr 4, 2015