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New Rainbow Banners

by Morningstar

Morningstar-Banner(Violet).png Morningstar-Banner(Indigo).png Morningstar-Banner(Azure).png Morningstar-Banner(Cerulean).png Morningstar-Banner(Veridian).png Morningstar-Banner(Spring).png Morningstar-Banner(Harliquin).png Morningstar-Banner(Chartreuse).png Morningstar-Banner(Aureolin).png Morningstar-Banner(Tangerine).png Morningstar-Banner(Vermillion).png Morningstar-Banner(Crimson).png Morningstar-Banner(Magenta).png
Morningstar Okay because of size problems that, the fact that I haven't gotten a clear Red version, and other things. I have remade my Rainbow Series banners (Tentative name, as I'll likely make new Rainbow series cards) and made an example of the new version. I'll request that the old versions are not to be added into the card generator because of size vs. layout issues and slight redundancy (mostly the former)
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