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New member #flashchallenge

by Heidi

Heidi A new member is about to join team Metal
Copper clutches a egg to her chest as she walks through Mauvile. She had just beaten Flannery with Ace and after some training in the dessert was now ready to face Norman in Petalburg. As she leaves Mauvile the sweet aroma of flowers fills her nose.
"Spring sure smell nice," Copper says to herself.
Copper begins to hum a nameless tune but stops when the egg in her arm begins to moves. The young trainer looks down as a small crack appears on the egg's shell. Copper smiles in extiment as the crack grows larger and larger.
"Finally, now I'll know what you are," Copper says to the egg which was now beginning to chip. "The rest of the team should see this!"
Copper quickly lets her Marshstomp Ace, Loudred Echo, Sableye Crystal, and Altria Caelum out as pieces of the egg shell start to fall to the ground. The team watches carefully as another large chunk of shell falls off, then they hear it.
"Wy-Wynaut!" The small blue baby pokemon cries as it shakes off the rest of its shell.
"Welcome to the team Ryan!" Copper greets as she hugs the newest addition to team Metal.
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