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Oceano Game Mechanics: New Mechanic: Aura Brace

by CreepyKidInDaCorner

The Aura Brace is a new feature I added.
When battling the Aura Brace symbol will show. (Note: Only works when battling trainers with Aura Brace e.g. rivals, elite 4, gym leaders etc.) Selecting Aura brace opens a panel with three options. Aura Evolve, Aura Max or Aura Move.

Aura Evolution: Selecting Aura Evolution does initially the same thing with Mega Evolution but along with the better types and stats gives two things, better move sets and Aura Abilities. The Pokemons move set is replaced with better versions of the move. Aura Abilities are much more powerful version of the normal Ability that the Pokemon originally has.

Aura Max: Selecting Aura Max increases the Pokemon size and Appearance. It is slightly weaker than Dynamax but it lasts the whole battle. Moves are replaced with A-Max Moves e.g. Flamethrower becomes A-Roasting.