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New friends?

by SilverTheOne

I was still inside the ball.
I felt something, after that i begand feeling really healthy.
After that he said: ''come out Kurusu!''
After leaving the ball i saw that frogadier again.
I got scared and runned back to the trainer.
The Frogadier said: ''hey hey! dont be afraid, im not here to hurt you!
And then i got closer to that Pokémon and he gave me his hand...
I understanded what was going on and i shaked his hand back.
After that the trainer said: ''ok now that you both met each other why not meet the rest?''
He picked up a bunch of pokeballs and threw them in the air saying: ''come out everybody meet your new friend!''
I saw a Hypno,a Gardevoir,a Cacturne and a Charizard
Hypno said: ''hello litlle one''
I got really scared because of the look on his face and after that he said:
''Whats the problem?''
Gardevoir said: ''are you kidding me, hes scared of that face your making everytime, it's freaking him out''
Cacturne then said: ''Hey new teamate! want a hug?''
I simply refused and when i turned around i saw the gigantic charizard!
Hes breath was like fire and his height was like 6 of me
He could melt be easily by just getting close to me!
He then said: ''Hey''
I of course got more scared of him than that Hypno and ranned away back to the trainer!
The trainer then laughed and said: ''Heheh, i should have get other pokémon to meet him''