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Pokémon X Adventures: New friends,new Pokémon and most of all new adventure!

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce meets 2 all new friends and 1 giant crazy forest
Last time on Pokémon X Adventures! Bryce meet 2 new friends and an annoying bird called "Flechling" now he's heading to Aquacorde town to see 2 new friends
As the journey continues! "I wanna be the very best like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test! To train them is cause! Pokémon!!! (Gotta catch em all!) it's you and me! I know it my destiny! Pokémon!!! Oh you're my best friend in a world we must defend! Pokémon!!! Gotta catch em all gotta catch em all! Pokémon!!!"
"It that the town?!" Bryce said questioned "yes!" Serena said!
1 minute later
"THE 1 AND ONLY BRYCE!" Everyone said! Bryce then fainted "hey don't you think something has updated? Bryce said getting back up "nope I don't think so" Everyone said "wait a second!" Shuana said scared "what?" Everyone said "THE POKÉMON!!!!!" Shuana screamed "oh no!" Bryce said "uh...?" Trevor said "Dance time!!!" Tierno screamed as he began breakdancing "oh no no no NO!!!" Shuana and Serena screamed then Bryce standed up "I'm gonna catch em all!"
1 entire hour of getting the starter Pokémon later
"I think that's the last of the trio" Bryce said taking a deep breath Bryce then got up "I CHOOSE FENNIKEN!!!" Bryce yelled "I'll take Chespin!" Shuana said "Froakie is mine!" Serena said hugging Froakie "ok let's see the next city is Santalune city.. Once we get past the forest up ahead" Bryce said looking at his Town Map "who cares!?" Everyone said rushing to Santalune forest "ok.." Bryce said scared THE END
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    Soooo yeah i did ALL of the work getting the starter Pokémon while Serena and Shuana got their starters free maybe i shouldn't do that
    Dec 7, 2015