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My Life My Rules My Choices: New Friends ~2~

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow Okay, in this chapter, or section of this story Piper is going to meet up with some friends from New Bark Town.
"OMG, Chikorita it seemed like FOREVER, but we made it! YES!"
"Piper, is that you?!? It's me, Flame!"
"Flame? Wow, you got a Charmeleon! Ah nice bro! I just got my Chikorita."
"Yeah, Charmander evolved on the way here actually. He just roasted some Sentrets... poor things"
"OOOOhhh, ouch, whelp. Chikorita still only knows tackle and leer. *sigh* But hey, i am going to make her big and strong, isn't that right girl!"
"Oh, u-uh I hope so Piper, I wouldn't want to disappoint you. After all, you did choose me."
"Why did she choose you? Like you are nothing but a green bean with lettuce on your head."
"NO I AM NOT! I am a grass creature with a necklace! At least that is what Totodile told me."
Back in the Pokeball now.
"Chikorita, come on out!"
"Hi Flame! How've you been? I heard th- Oh! Charmander evolved?"
"OH I KNOW!!! Why don't we take our Pokemon to the PokePark?!?
"Yes, that's a great idea!"
"Let's go now!"
"Sure, why not?"
The Pokemon were brought out of there Pokeballs once again. Becca brought out a Pikachu, and a Cyndaquil, and flame brought out his Charmeleon.
"Hi, I'm Cyndaquil, Becca's starter. I've ne-"
"Yeah yeah, we get it. It's not like we don't know who you are"
What is that Charmeleon's problem? Chikorita thought to herself.
"H-hi, I'm Chikorita. I'm a grass type and I'm Piper's s-starter."
"Hey there! I'm Pikachu. Becca caught me a little while ago."
"I'm a Charmeleon. Flame chose me as his starter."
Chikorita heard a rustling in the bushes, she whipped around quickly and stood up tall.
"Chikorita use tackle, quick!" Piper commanded.
"UHHHHH" SLAM, Chikorita used all her speed and might, and rammed into the Eevee.
Piper threw a Pokeball.... 1....2... *Click*
"YESSSS! We did it Chikorita, my first catch!"
Becca and Flame bombarded me with questions.
"Wow, are you gonna evolve it?"
"What eeveeloution are you hoping for?"
"Are you naming it?"
Everyone jumped.
"I'd like it to be an umbreon and I'm naming it Fang. It'll evolve when it's time."
"Wow, I had no idea you were that loud."
"Shut up Becca."
I heard myself say i wanted to battle Cyndaquill, and immediately regretted it.
"Cyndaquil, I choose you! You're going down!"
"A 2v2 battle?"
"Sure, why not? This time let's let the Pokemon do their thing."
Ooh, easy. I waited...
The trainers sent out their Pokemon.
Cyndaquill came right up to my face and sneezed out a cloud of smoke.
Then suddenly I was suspended above the smoke. At first i was startled, then I realized what I could do. I grabbed Cyndaquill and squeezed him tight with my vines. I heard Piper say
"WOAH, Chikorita learned vine whip" Was she proud of me? I hope so...
After I threw Cyndaquill on the ground he blasted me right in the face with ember, I was burned.
Oh My Arceus, can we just battle like normal Pokemon!
"He's evolving!! OH MY GOSH! Quilava! Take em down!" Becca exclaimed
Oh no, this is great, just great... he blew one last bit of fire, and that is all I remember.
"Eevee I choose You!"
Oh no, oh no, oh no. bad bad bad!
I went over to that big scary fire Pokemon and tackled it with all my strength, and surprisingly it fainted.... But then, a cute, but viscous Pikachu popped out of the Pokeball.
I couldn't move, i was paralyzed, then i tried to move, but i couldn't, so instead, he shocked me with thunderbolt. Then again I tried to tackle him, and it worked, but i was paralyzed again, stupid static... The girl that caught me came over and sprayed me with something that made me able to move again, the Pikachu tried to use thunder, but i was to quick, i dug under the ground.
"WOOO, Eevee learned dig!!"
The Pikachu didn't know where i was, but i knew where he was, then I came out of the ground and boom, he fainted.
"Yes, we won Eevee, we won! Gg Becca, good game."
"I agree, that was really fun, plus Cyndaquill evolved! And your Pokemon learned more moves, let's go to the Pokemon center to heal up, and grab some lunch."
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