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New Begginings, New Hopes and New Dreams.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Delta is faily ordinary. Kind of. But when he gets the chance to become a trainer he seals his fate. What will it be?
The sun shine down through the window of the house in Lumiose city. All was quite and peaceful. The covers were pulled over the figure and crumpled at the edges. Alas, this tranquility was broken.
" Delta! Delta wake up!" The male's voice came from downstairs and the figure beneath the covers stirred.
" Give me a bit longer!" The youth's voice replied. This didn't please the man downstairs and a Typhlosion entered the room.
" Scorch! Please don't. Please I want to sleep." The fire type shook his head and plucked the boy from his bed. The blue hair was scruffy from sleep and the boys brown eyes were half open. They shot open when he realised the day.
" I'll be down in a minute. See ya Scorch." The fire type huffed and left the room.

A quick change and Delta was ready: Orange and black jumper over a black shirt, orange and black jeans, white beanie and black trainers, along with a belt to hold pokeballs, one ball on the belt. The boy raced down the stairs and slid down the bannister.
" Don't do that you'll hurt yourself." A female entered the room, with the same blue hair as the child.
" Mum! I thought you were still in Sinnoh." The woman smiled.
" I'd never miss this day. Now go into the other room and say good morning to your Dad." He boy grinned and raced around the corner into the other room. He high fived the Empoleon in the room and grinned.
" Hey King!" The boy smiled and the water type Sinnoh Pokemon gurgled with delight. Delta stopped by the living room and smiled.
" Hey Dad good morning!" He ran up to the white and ginger haired man and hugged him.
" Good Morning bud. Happy birthday." The man smiled and Delta jumped for joy.
" Delta do you know what your present is?"
" I think so." The woman walked back in, holding a black backpack and a box.
" Well we have managed to get a lot of items in here for you. Use them wisely and you'll never run out." Delta took the backpack and slung over his shoulders and thanked them.
" And now Delta. Your Mum has brought these Pokemon back from Sinnoh. Choose one and the others will be donated to the trainers school in Santalune." Delta grinned.
" Ok show me them." He knew which one he was going to choose.
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    @Vulcanyte If he doesn't want, i'll wave a bottle of determination in front of him. XD
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