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New Adventures: New Adventures #2 : Reunion

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover In this chapter, Hugo returns to his hometown!

I know its little, but the next chapter will be bigger!
After that, Hugo and Ash went separate ways, both aiming to become a Pokémon Master. Hugo took on all the gyms in Kanto, followed by the Elite Four, and after that, the Champion. After a hard battle against Red, Hugo became the new Kanto Champion. He kept travelling far and wide, and only came back to Kanto when someone wanted to challenge him. After ten years, he finally finished his travels, and came back to his hometown, Pallet Town.

As he opened the door of his house, he was greeted by Professor Oak, who organized a surprise party for him. ‘Welcome back, Hugo! I thought I would surprise you a little bit!’, the Professor said. Hugo shook his hand. ‘Well, you succeeded in that! Have you seen Ash around here?’ The Professor laughed. ‘Ash? No, but I think he is at the Vermillion Gym right now. But Serena is here!’ As he said that, Serena came walking towards them. ‘Hey Hugo! How have you been?’ Hugo smiled. ‘Great, Serena! And how are you?’ Serena smiled. ‘I’m fine, thanks!’ ‘So, how is the life as Kalos Queen?’ She sighed. ‘Busy. I have to travel to Kalos many times! But it still fun, though. And I get to visit Clemont more often then I used to!’ Hugo laughed. ‘I’m glad you’re enjoying it! So, how does Ash find the life as Gym Leader?’ Her face changed. ‘Well, he likes all the battles, but he can’t travel anymore, because of all the challenges. He really misses all the travels.’ Hugo thought about that for a moment. ‘I will go to him tomorrow. Maybe I can cheer him up!’ She smiled. ‘That would be wonderful, thank you!’