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Neon Lights: Scene- Alone Once Again

by TrappedNutCase

TrappedNutCase This is also on my DeviantART
Black fur bristled in the freezing wind. A burning cold pulsed through a pair of black paw pads as a black, and multi-colored tom cat walked through the blizzard, and snow. His throat was dry despite the benumbing frost that swirled around him, and drying tears froze over his pink and purple eyes. Until recently, he was traveling with someone he loved, but the memory of her leaving his was still pulsing through his head, causing a headache to brew...

"N-Neonuxus..." a small, sorrow filled voice echoed as a half cream, and half pink she cat walked forward, drawing the horned tom to turn.

"Yes?" he asked, his heartbeat quickening. "Are you ready to go? We should move out before-" He was interrupted by a pink tail shushing his mouth.

"I'm not going." She swallowed some bile that was raising in her throat.

Neonuxus' mismatched orbs widened before narrowing. His muzzled scrunched up in a snarl, and he showed his large fangs. "WHAT?!" He snapped, pushing her against a near by rock, his claws seeping out and scarring the boulder. "Roe we've been through
everything together! How can you leave me?!" Tears brimmed both of their eyes, though Neonuxus' from anger.

"I know we've through everything together Neon..." Roe whispered out as tears streamed down her two toned face. "But...Jace is here." She gulped. "And I'm expecting his kits."

"Fine then.." He pushed away from the rock and turned away, his blue fur chest heaving as he tried to control his temper. "HAVE YOUR PERFECT FAMILY!" He growled and ran off so she couldn't say anymore.

Coughing he tried to push the memory away, and shook is head. The cold finally got to him, and he curled his wings around him best he could. Looking around, all he could see was the blinding, whipping snow that surrounded him. Swallowing hard, Neonuxus' eyes started to glow, and he could see through the thick storm. He started padding through the thick snow until he found a hollowed out evergreen tree, and jumped into it, sheltering himself from the cold. As he curled up, he sighed and dug his claws into the bark, a single thought rushing through his head; 'I'm alone again.'