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Neko-Vee: Neko-Vee -Prologue-

by Adalyn

Adalyn !In Kanto!
The world of Pokemon was peaceful. Pidgey were tweeting. Butterfree were 'singing'. Every being was at harmony.
Deep in the Viridian Forest, several jolly Pikachu ran across the grassy shadowed floor. The trees above their heads shield them from the sun's rays. The electric mice ran, jumping over bushes and tree stumps. A few onlookers smiled amusingly at the group of yellow rodents, who seemed to be playing tag.
Finally, one Pikachu managed to tag the runner, and the others jumped playfully on the tagged Pikachu. They all laughed, play-fighting each-other.
But their fun was cut when a pink hue shone in the forest. Halting their actions, the Pikachu crawled over to a bush, gazing at the pink light that sat on the middle of a small clearing.
"What is that?" A small female Pikachu asked, staring in awe at the pulsing light.
"No clue." Another one answered.
Soon, the light formed into a Pokemon. The ancient creature had a small pink body, a long tail, and blue eyes. It looked similar to a cat. The stranger sensed the presence of the group, and floated over, chanting its name while looking at the pairs of eyes.
"Myuu?" The psychic-type asked.
"It found us!" The elder Pikachu whispered loudly. Oddly, the other Pikachu weren't fazed by the stranger's presence.
"Hello... I'm Mew." The little Pokemon introduced itself when the others popped their heads out of the bushes. "I'm here to inform you of a certain little rare Pokemon. This Pokemon needs help from everyone here." The Mew informed. "You need to find it... It's lost. Please. Help the Pokemon."
"Us? We'll help." A Pikachu exclaimed.
Mew nodded, turned tail, and floated away into the forest. The Pikachu following in toe. After what seemed like an eternity, a small, brown, fluffy Pokemon was spotted. It looked exhausted.
"Look!" The elder Pikachu charged towards the Pokemon in need. Said brown creature looked up at him with brown tired eyes.
"Eevee..." The little fox whispered, finally crashing into the world of sleep.
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