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Neko-Vee: |Neko-Vee| Chapter 1

by Adalyn

Adalyn Neko learns about trainers.
Neko, a charming, young, cute Eevee, calmly walked around Viridian forest, her fluffy, brown and cream tail waving in the air with every step she took. Her neck fur shining in the dim sunlight which filtered through the leaves above his head.
She sighed. "Ahh... I'm sooo bored! There's nothing to do!" The small Eevee exclaimed, rolling around in the grass.
"Pokemon, GO!" A voice shouted in the depths of the wood.
Neko's ears twitched at the sound, and she stopped rolling and quickly stood up, running towards the source of the sound.
The Pokemon hid behind a bush and examined the scene before her.
A human, with short brown hair, a blue and white jacket and black jeans pointed at another Pokemon. It was a Catterpie. The girl shouted something to her Charmander, who stood in his attacking position in front of the human. "Charmander! Now! Use Scratch!"
The Charmander nodded and quickly ran up to the Catterpie, and stood in front of it before its small claws glowed and he swiped at the Catterpie, knocking it back. The bug Pokemon cried out from pain.
"H-hey!" Neko said, and prepared to run towards the fight.
"Don't." A Pokemon hooted behind Neko, scaring her.
"AAH!" Neko jumped up into the air, her hair standing on end. The human seemed to notice, but didn't care, and resumed with the fight.
"W-why not?" Neko asked after she caught her breath.
The Noctowl glared at her, and raised one of his wings. "That, young Eevee, is a trainer." He began, "Trainers are humans who battle and catch Pokemon for their journeys, or for the Pokedex. I can't really say why, maybe because of research, but they will catch any new Pokemon they come across. You shouldn't get involved her. For a rookie trainer, she knows what to do."
The trainer threw a Pokeball at the Catterpie. It jiggled and wiggled, and sparked. The trainer cheered and hugged her Charmander, and then ran to pick up the object in which the Catterpie was caught in.
"Whoa! That Catterpie is trapped! We need to save them!" Neko whined.
"No. That is the way of a trainer. Do not step in, or else you will get caught too. Now, come along. It's time for lunch." The Octowl bluntly said, flying away.
Neko turned towards the trainer, and frowned. She ran away in the direction that the elder had gone in.

She didn't like trainers already...