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Nega-Mega Evolutions: Nega-Mega Raichu

by Mr.Munchlax

Nega-Mega Raichu.jpeg
Mr.Munchlax This is one of my recent Nega-Mega Evolution designs, & this one was specifically requested by @theclownfish. Like Nega-Mega Greninja (& the next few Nega-Megas I'll be releasing), this was done in gouache, but this time I tried to tone it down on the amount of paint I used and treated it more like watercolor, putting a ton of emphasis on shading & shadow shapes.

Anyway, coming up with Nega-Mega Raichu wasn't easy since I found it kind of a big challenge to take the evolved form of the mascot to the entire pokémon franchise and turn it into one of the many other feral monsters I created, though I think this turned out pretty good. When coming up with a design, at first I wanted to focus more on both kangaroo rats (the main rodent Raichu was based on) & common rats found in fields or sewers such as brown and black rats. However, I decided to do a little more research and found a few rodents that I thought would work for the final design. The prickly fur on Nega-Mega Raichu's paws, back, and head (or its Mohawk-Mutton Chops combo as I call it :p ) came from the Armored Rat, while his teeth came from the Naked Mole Rat.

This then helped me to come up with the rest of Nega-Mega Raichu's design as well as its type and stats:
Nega-Mega Raichu
Type: Electric/Fighting
Ability: Huge Power
Stats: 70/150/65/90/80/150​

Due to its rougher and bulkier appearance, I decided to turn Nega-Mega Raichu into an Electric/Fighting type since it would also cause it to match with some of the well known trainers who've used this species such as Lt. Surge. Additionally, I decided to raise its Speed and Physical Attack, while also giving it Huge Power as its ability so that it'd be similar to Azumarill, Diggersby, & Mega Mawile. As for the tail, I decided to have it reflect its new dual typing by making it look like both a lightning bolt & a sword. Lastly, for the color scheme, I gave Nega-Mega Raichu brown fur with orange accents to look similar to how Raichu normally looks like it has orange fur with yellow accents, thereby referencing its previous form.
  1. Au-Plau-Se
    This is epic.
    Nov 3, 2021
  2. SamInThePhissellSnorlax
    Dec 23, 2018
  3. theclownfish
    very good and i like it alot
    Feb 10, 2015
  4. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Gaaaaah! Nega-Megas are mega awesome!
    ...Okay sorry, that was bad. XD
    Feb 1, 2015
    Mr.Munchlax likes this.
  5. Azur
    Whoa, another epic Nega-Mega evolution! I can tell how hard you work on these, and I must say good job and I am impressed.
    Jan 31, 2015