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Natural Contravention

by The Voltagonist

The Voltagonist There are a lot of things that I will jot down in the gist of my now-rare ingenuity moments, with this being one of them.
The escapade binds me dearly,
and my experience has all but drained me.
My fighting spirit fades with the sun,
and my transgressions surface in the moonlight.
In the endless void,
my conscience limps
within a convulsion of antics,
without cause or purpose,
now seeking futile satisfaction.
What was once an outlet
for sense and for reason,
now simply revenue for dark inspiration,
leaves us stumbling on what we have left,
if anything.
if just one thing remains tangible still,
with a slim chance of perfect coherence,
it is that there is one last absolute truth in this world:
Change is inevitable,
and it is futile to resist it,
for its storm possesses no eye to hide in.
Nothing is immune to its power,
and in the end,
we all submit to its every beck and call.
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