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by NatalieSolgaleo

NatalieSolgaleo A strange Umbreon.
The Umbreon yawned, standing up. She wove around a bush, her head darting about. I swear I heard something! She had been sniffing the air for some time. She heard approaching paw-steps. I heard Jinzhen was taken in by a trainer. she thought. I wonder where she is now. Thinking of trainers made Natalie scowl- her last trainer had been a boy who had so desperately wanted her to be an Espeon, and when they had played in the moonlight, she had evolved. At first he looked merely disgusted, but at the sight of her pointed rings and tiger stripes, he had used her merely as a slave- to bring him water and whatnot. She had to get her vengeance. This boy's name was Alves. By this time he would be a man already. She thought of his plump face glaring at her, and she felt the jolt of alarm she had felt, that very moment of rejection.

She decided to take a break from emotional thoughts. Thinking of Jinzhen would make her day a lot better. She thought of her sleek, dark-gray pelt, and her scars that ruined the effect of her rings when they shone. She had liked that, sitting in the darkness with her. Hunting with her. Why did she have to be taken away? I smelled a familiar scent, and I remember it somewhere. Maybe it was a Trainer. But not just any trainer. Maybe Crystal's. Crystal was a shiny, white-furred Glaceon. The odd thing about her was her face, which was smudged with a red streak around her forehead. Natalie paused at the thought. Crystal's den was not far away. It wouldn't hurt to pay a short visit.

She purred at the scents of herbs flooding from Crystal's den. It looked as if she were still on her old habit of healing hurt Pokemon. Unlike Jinzhen, Crystal cares for people that are unfriendly toward her, or toxic friends-- even the shivering Pichus that treat her like a monster. Natalie reflected. Pain surged through her as she recalled the scars again. This time, she felt a different feeling besides sadness. It wasn't even an emotion. It was the feeling of sinking into darkness. She saw the random flash of the eye of a Leafeon, but it turned its head, then strutted away with a Popplio.

This is not my memory. Natalie suddenly felt scared. She pushed the rejecting Pokemon away and stumbled into Crystal's den.

It was just a bland den with a few herbs sticking out of the sides, but it looked as if the Glaceon had dug a hole in the ground, and had covered it with a leaf. The scent of prey wafted through it. There was a second hole, covered with a similar leaf, but Crystal's paw-print was marked on it, stained with blood. And now that was worrying. The hole was big, big enough for Natalie to fall through. She bit the leaf and flung it aside, facing the hole with courage. Then she felt the Leafeon's gaze on her again, and her bravery ebbing away. But she still hopped into the hole. She just hoped it wouldn't be deep- at least not as deep as the pain she had felt when recalling that memory. A memory that wasn't hers.
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