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Anime Stuff: Naruto Openings: Ranked from Least favourite to My favourite

by AceTrainerGold

So as I've stated before Naruto was one of the first anime I watched, and even if I don't praise this series as much as I used to, I have to admit some of the openings were pretty great. So I'm gonna be ranking them from worst to best. In this list I will only be listing the openings from the original series, Shippuden can wait for another list.

9. Namikaze Satelite by Snowkel

I hate putting this at the bottom because I really love this song, but the visuals are really just horrible. It seems like they put no effort into this opening, one part of the opening is just Naruto running while sliding through some moments in the series, it just seems like they were being lazy with the visuals and that's why I put it at the bottom of the list. But the opening shots are probably the best part, where it shows Ten Ten, Rock Lee and Choji running out of their houses, I don't know why but I always loved that part.

8. No Boy No Cry by STANCE PUNKS

If we're going purely based off song this probably my least favourite in the first series out all of the songs used. But I don't hate this opening, in fact I quite like the visuals, they are very lively and even if the song isn't the greatest I still think it goes very well with the visuals. I don't really have much else to say.

7. ROCKS by Hound Dog

Okay again this is another I don't like putting this low, cause if I'm being honest the feeling of nostalgia I get when I listen to this is incredible. I really do love this opening, but it's this
low because in my opinion the top 6 openings are better, but I still love this opening.

6. Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni by Little by Little

This is again one of those openings that I don't have much to say about, I've just always liked it, there was no reason for it. If there was a reason it would probably be the visuals, I love how it starts with Naruto on the ground and then his friends coming and helping him, it's simple but it works.

5.Re:member by FLOW

I wanna start off by saying that this is probably one of my favourite if not my favourite song that they've used out of all of the openings, and in my opinion this is the most underrated Naruto opening (other than Kaze). Also it's sung by FLOW, of course the song is going to be catchy as hell.


As I said with Re:member this also one of my favourite songs used in Naruto, and it always got me hype for Chunin Exams when I was younger which is now one of my favourite arcs in shounen. The part with Orochimaru's eyes watching over Naruto and Sasuke is probably the best part along with the camera spinning around as it switches from team to team. But overall this is a good opening.

3. Seishun Kyousoukyoku by Sambomaster

Okay so all openings in the top 3 are some of my favourite anime openings of all time, and I think all of them are great. So this opening is just amazing, the song is great, the animation is great and the visuals are great. The scene where Sasuke goes to pick up his headband, as he then drops it when Itachi and Orochimaru show up on screen, probably symbolising his temptation to join Orochimaru and get revenge on his brother. But honestly this one of the best openings in the entire series, even including Shippuden.

2. GO!!! by FLOW

Oh the memories I had listening to this opening. Out of every single anime opening I listened to when I was younger, I had the best memories of listening to this one. I remember when me, my older brother and my uncle would watch Naruto and when we heard this opening I would just start singing (when I say singing I mean repeating FIGHTING DREAMERS! over and over again.) But other than the song being very fun to listen and just a great song, the visuals are unique compared to Naruto's other openings, and in the second version the fight scenes are very well animated. But this opening will always be one of my favourite openings of all time.

1. Yura Yura by Hearts Grow

As I said with the number 1 on my favourite anime openings list, just listen to this song and watch this opening. For some reason whenever I listen to this I always tear up, the visuals in this are the best and most unique visuals out of all Naruto's openings. I love how the characters are just silhouettes and it makes the fighting scenes look amazing. People say this overrated, it is true why a lot of people like it, but even then I would still class it as underrated compared to other openings. But anyways this will always be one of the best Naruto openings.