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Myu Tosaki and Izumi Gardevoir

by DemonMew

Myu Tosaki and Izumi Gardevoir.jpg
DemonMew Finally uploaded this drawing, it took me ages, especially since I have been so busy with my new job lol.

Anyways this is a crossover fanart of Yu Tosaki as a Mewtwo and Izumi Shimomora as a Gardevior. I feel these Pokemon match their personalities and appearances, especially Tosaki as Mewtwo since both of those characters start out cold and cruel, but develop into much kinder, caring characters and eventually become the heroes of their stories. You end up rooting for them and even feeling sorry for them. I also noticed that Tosaki's fiancé is called Ai and ends up in a coma and (SPOILERS for any Manga readers) ends up dying (I still have to read the manga too mind lol). In the first movie of Pokemon, young Mewtwo ends up communicating telepathically with the daughter of the head scientist as he is trying to clone her back to life after loosing her. Both the child Mewtwo and the girl play together until something goes horribly wrong and the girl dies, leaving Mewtwo all alone in their telepathically created world. In the English version, the girl was called Amber, but in the Japanese version, she was called "Ai" like Tosaki's fiancé.

Anyhow, I totally recommend Ajin Demihuman to my fellow Pokemon fans and I also recommend that people watch the uncut first movie of Pokemon as you will see a completely different side to Mewtwo.

I hope y'all like :3

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