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Mythical Pokemon- Chondrone

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer Pokemon: Chondrone, Vesper form (Left) and Oost form (Right)
Type: Vesper form- Ghost/Dark type, Oost form- Fairy/Ghost type
Weight: Vesper form- 0.2 kilograms, Oost form- 5.5 kilograms
Height: Vesper form- 3 meters, Oost form- 2 meter
Pyra Pokedex Entry- "Chondrone is able to switch forms by going to different dimensions. Vesper Form is the result of traveling to the After-Life and Oost form is the result of staying down on Earth. Both forms have the capability of countering the legendary Briffeist and Mummistrik. Their full Power is not visible yet, rumors say they have a third form..."

Possible Moves: Vester Form- Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse, Ooster Form- Moon Blast and Shadow Ball.

Ability: Power Shift- Makes all moves Super-effective but cuts Defense and Special Defense in half.
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