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Mystery Dungeon

by Mimikyutheone

Mimikyutheone This will combine all 7 generations. And this will have some interesting things or plots later on in the whole story thi is just one part
"Hey! Heeeeeey!" said a voice, "are you all right?" I started to open my eyes and saw a Froakie talking. "Woah! A talking Froakie! Wait how do I understand you?" I asked. "Well aren't you a Pokémon?" Froakie asked. I looked into a nearby river and it turned I was a Mimikyu. "Holy moly! I'm a Pokémon!" I yelled. "Keep it down your in the princess's garden and I just so happen to work for her," said Froakie. In the castle the knight Gallade was talking to the princess Gardevoir. "You sure it was a good idea to bring him here?" asked Gallade. "If he is the one the prophecy talks about then yes also wash your armor it really reaks," said Gardevoir. "Why do I have to stay quiet?"I asked. "Because if you do the princess might moonblast me to next year!" said Froakie, "come on let me bring you to the others!" We walked to a tree and I saw a Rowlet and a Popplio. "Fascinating! A Mimikyu on Kanto this I outstanding!" said Rowlet. "Rowlet is the smartest out of us and the most experienced in battle," said Froakie, "and meet Popplio she watches for any one coming." "Not the most exciting job since no one comes but I also buy the supplies for the team!"said Popplio. I have a feeling I'm supposed to be here I thought. "Hmm" said Arceus, "he might be able to save the Pokémon world." To be continued....