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Mysterious Happenings

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Well...this is one of the Gravity Falls-based stories I'll be making. Since the other written works I have created are all based on Erin Hunter's Warriors saga, I decided "Why not make something based on Gravity Falls?" so that way I didn't only have half-finished Warriors stories. XD This will begin in Aya's past and I'll try to make it as long as possible. Also, a few things that happen in this story have come from a roleplay with @Twilight Nova that started back in 2012! I have no regrets.
Also, just a quick warning: This story will contain quite a bit of violence; especially in chapter two. Just warning anyone who dislikes violence.)

A young cat has been born in Piedmont, California (Because Aya was born where the twins were). Being the runt of the litter, she thinks very little (no pun intended) of herself. She doesn't know the life she has ahead of her. She is stronger than she seems... (I know; what a description. I couldn't think of anything xD I'll change it soon)

(Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter.
Gravity Falls and it's characters belong to Alex Hirsch.
Aya, Dusk, Cloud, etc. belong to me.)

CHAPTER ONE: Beginnings
A white she-cat with icy blue eyes was laying on the ground in a forest, her tail curled around three bundles of fur. A dark grey tom sat next to her, yellow eyes gleaming. One of the kits was a thick-furred white tom with yellow eyes; another was a blue-grey she-cat with bright blue eyes and the last was a small ginger she-cat with green eyes and white paws. The three kits were curled up next to their mother for they were exhausted. The ginger kit was stirring and soon she got up, looking around with bright green eyes.
"Well, looks like Aya is awake." The grey tom purred with amusement. The white she-cat nodded and nuzzled her kit. Aya looked around and soon she curled up again. "Frost, are we going to move out of the forest? It might be for the best as we don't know what lives here..." The grey tom murmured. "We'll move out when we need to. Let's not worry about that, though; we have kits to take care of!" Frost meowed.
The grey tom sighed and nodded. "Hopefully we could find a place though. These poor kits can't grow up in the forest or else they'll be the vicious cats that we've heard of. Surely we can't have them become something like that?" He mewed. "Storm, why must you always worry?" Frost purred in amusement. Storm sighed for she was right; the grey tom did worry quite a bit of the future and what could happen. The two fell asleep in silence.
Soon enough, though, they woke up only to see three bundles of fur rolling in the grass. The white tom was attacking the blue-grey she-cat, and Aya was staying behind. Soon, though, Aya tried to join in, but the white tom snapped at her. "You're the runt of the litter! Why, I could crush you!" The white tom growled. Aya pinned her ears back and lowered her head for he was right.
"Cloud! Don't be rude!" Frost scolded causing the white tom to roll his eyes and pad away. The blue-gray she-cat jumped up and padded to Aya. "Don't worry about Cloud! Don't be ashamed of who you are." She murmured. "But...why does he hate me? Why can't I be normal?" Aya sighed. "Don't worry, Aya. No one is normal; everyone is different in their own way!" The blue-gray kit purred.
Aya didn't look convinced. "Raine...I wanna be more like you. But no, I was born the runt of the litter; the. weak one..." Aya sighed. "So what if you're the runt! You're still special no matter who you are!" Raine meowed and she then tackled Cloud. Aya padded away and pawed at a leaf. Cloud was always snapping at Aya when she got near him, seeming to hate her for being the runt of the litter.
Why am I so...different? Aya thought. She stared at the ground and a leaf began to float towards the ground. She pawed at it as much as she could before it finally landed. Cloud and Raine were rolling around and soon Cloud nearly crushed Aya. Aya managed to push him off and padded away; this was only the beginning.

CHAPTER TWO: The Incident
A few weeks had passed and the kits were living quite a life, playing with eachother and chatting. But, of course, this was the day it all would change. Storm wandered around their small territory in silence until he saw a few shapes moving slowly towards them. His yellow eyes grew wide and he rushed back. "Take the kits to the burrow." Storm ordered urgently.
Frost seemed confused at his fear. They had a hidden burrow that they used for emergencies only. "Storm, what's going-" Frost began. "I said now!" Storm snapped, cutting off Frost. Frost nodded and picked up the three kits, rushing to the burrow and setting them in it.
Frost then covered the burrow's entrance with some leaves and moss to make it look natural. She then rushed back to Storm, only to see cats padding towards them, dark grins plastered on their faces and claws unsheathed. "We meet again!" The leader, a dark ginger tabby, mocked. "I suggest you turn around and leave, Bracken." Storm snarled. "Oh? And why?" Bracken laughed.
"Learn to take a hint!" Storm snarled. Bracken rolled his eyes and flicked his tail, signaling for the other cats to attack. The cats attacked Frost and Storm, slashing relentlessly at the two. Bracken hid in the shadows, watching with narrowed amber eyes. Frost and Storm were soon cornered by multiple cats.
"Find those kits! I need some more cats to train." Bracken ordered two of his lithe followers. They nodded and searched the territory until finally they uncovered the burrow, the kits crouching low. "Silver! Over here!" One of them called and the other rushed over. Silver dragged out Raine and the other dragged out Cloud and Aya tried to fight back with rather weak bites and scratches. The two lithe cats gave Bracken Cloud and Raine.
Bracken smiled and struck the backs of their heads with a paw, knocking them unconscious. "Take them back. I'll be handling the parents." Bracken ordered as he padded towards Frost and Storm who were badly injured. "Give us back our kits!" Storm snarled. "Now, now, Storm! No need to get angry!" Bracken mocked. "What do you want from us?" Frost hissed.
"To see your limp bodies on the ground!" Bracken sneered and soon he attacked Frost, slashing at her throat. She screeched and fell backwards, bleeding badly. She writhed on the ground, trying to cover her wound with her paws as blood continued to leak. "Frost!" Storm yowled. Aya watched in horror as her mother was killed.
"I'll make sure you never forget me!" Bracken snarled, biting deep into Storm's throat until the grey tom went limp. Bracken let go of Storm, smirking with blood on his muzzle. "We have everything we need. C'mon, let's get out of here!" Brack ordered, his followers surrounding him. They padded away, a few scratches here and there as well as blood soaked fur. Aya rushed to her limp parents, wailing.
"Mom! Dad! W-wake up! Please!" Aya mewed, nudging their bodies and hoping they were just faking it. She gave up and curled up beside them, her muzzle burried in their pelts. Everything has changed for Aya. She knew she had to push past this and try to move on. This day is one that wont be forgotten.

Quite some time had passed since the attack and Aya had been wandering a bit in silence, managing to find some food and water. Of course, the supplies had run out and so she had to scavenge through the territory to find things, but she decided to stray the territory. She sighed, staring at the ground as she traveled. She'll never forget that life-changing day; the day she lost everyone. Sne shook her head, trying to clear it from her mind.
She came across a long path and followed it in silence. She found some water and began to drink some to regain energy. She continued to follow the path until she saw something close by. She hid nervously, watching the cat as it padded slowly onto the path, clearly taking it's time. She strayed from the path and stayed in the shadows so she was still well hidden.
The cat silently followed the path, every now and then sniffing the air. Aya padded slowly out from her cover and towards the cat. It looked around, alert. Aya instantly hid, hoping that it didn't find her. "Must be hearing things." The cat muttered as it continued down the path.
Aya soon followed it again. It whipped around claws unsheathed. Once it noticed it was only a kit, it's claws were sheathed once more. "What's a kit like you doing out here alone?" The cat murmured. It was a thick-furred dark grey she-cat with amber eyes and many scars.
Aya didn't respond as she stared at the cat. "Oh...I see." The cat murmured. "Here, follow me. I know a place where you can stay. Maybe we can travel together? To be honest, I've always wanted to travel with someone as it does get rather lonely out here." The cat meowed, gently picking up Aya and padding towards a clearing. Aya was soon set down and she lapped at some water from a close stream. "What's your name?" The cat asked Aya.
"M-my name is Aya..." The small ginger kit replied nervously. "My name is Dusk. It's nice to meet you, Aya." The grey cat purred, touching noses to Aya. Dusk then vanished in the undergrowth but reappeared soon after. She set down a mouse in front of Aya. "Here. You look rather thin and tired." Dusk murmured.
Aya began to eat in silence. "So...you're a traveler?" Aya asked. "Yep. Traveled across the country." Dusk smiled. "Where are you going next?" Aya murmured. "A town called Gravity Falls in Oregon. Wanna come with me?" Dusk purred. "Sure! I can't wait to see how it is to be a traveler!" Aya meowed.
"Though, yes, it'll take a long time, we'll get there sooner or later. I might decide to visit other places across the country before going to Gravity Falls, so it might take longer than normal." Dusk mewed. Aya nodded and smiled. This was yet another life-changing day. The two began to set off once more, talking about a few things every now and then. Little did Aya know, Gravity Falls was going to change Aya's life forever...

CHAPTER FOUR: Gravity Falls, Oregon
The two cats had traveled for years across the country before finally heading straight to Gravity Falls, Oregon. Soon, though, they made it. They wandered the forest, looking around with bright eyes. "I honestly didn't expect what to think of this place, but certainly not this! This is amazing!" Dusk meowed, amber eyes brighter than ever. Aya nodded in agreement, looking around the forest.
As they traveled Dusk strayed from Aya, causing the ginger cat to follow...
But Dusk was gone. Aya pinned her ears back and she backed away slowly. She rushed in a random direction, ginger fur bristling, and she began to climb a tree. She calmed down and soon leapt out of the tree, heading in yet another random direction. Her green eyes darkened slightly.
(Here's where I have absolutely no regrets!)
She soon found herself near a rather old looking building. Her eyes narrowed and she wandered around it in silence. She stared up at the building only to see a sign with the words "Mystery Hack" on it. She giggled at the name until she noticed why; the 'S' had fallen off. She continued to wander around it nervously until she heard a door open and she hid instantly. (Still no regrets!)
She looked around until she saw a boy exit the building. Her ears twitched with curiosity, but she remained hidden. She was still rather nervous for she didn't know who this was. She noticed he was holding a bunch of signs and he walked into the forest silently. Aya followed him quickly, but she didn't make a sound.
The boy began to set up signs until he came to a certain tree that sounded hollow and as though it were made of metal. The boor soon revealed two switches and began messing with them until a panel of grass was removed. Aya padded towards the hole and accidentally fell in. She landed on something, though and she tried to escape, but soon found herself crouching down and trying to hide. The boy walked towards the hole and saw Aya, gently picking her up and setting her down.
"How long were you in there? I'm surprised you survived!" The boy exclaimed when he saw Aya. She soon returned to the hole to see an odd book of some sort. It had a red-ish cover with a golden six-fingered hand and a black '3' in the center of the hand. The boy picked up the journal and began to read it, along with Aya. "...Remember: in Gravity Falls, there is no one you can trust. No one you can trust..." The boy echoed nervously.
No one you can trust? Aya thought, confused. "Hey! What'cha reading? Some nerd thing?" A random voice asked, causing Aya to bolt away. The boy was even terrified as he held onto the journal. "Oh, uh...it's nothing!" The boy replied nervously, hiding the journal behind his back. "'Oh, uh, it's nothing!' C'mon, are you seriously not gonna show me?" The girl mocked.
Soon, the two went back to the Shack, Aya following silently. The words of the journal still echoed in Aya's mind. ...No one you can trust. No one you can trust. Aha tried to forget about it, but she just couldn't. (I told you, I have no regrets XD )

CHAPTER FIVE: Curiosity (Almost) Killed The Twins
Weeks had passed since they discovered the mysterious journal. Dusk was still no where to be found, but Aya had pushed it to the back of her mind. She finally learned the names of the twins; Dipper and Mabel. She almost instantly became friends with them, especially Mabel, and it turns out that they just got to Gravity Falls. Of course, the twins decided to wander the forest a bit and so Aya went along with them just in case anything happened.
She glanced around the forest, expecting something to attack. "You really think this is a good idea?" Aya asked the twins. "Maybe we can find something around here. Maybe another one of the journals? Some sort of creature?" Dipper then began to list what they could find. "Well, we better be careful...also, why do you want to go into the woods all of the sudden?" Aya murmured. "Yeah! When you were hanging up the signs you said you were being watched or something!" Mabel joined in.
"Because of the journal! Who knows what we'll find out here!" Dipper explained. Suddenly, Aya stopped. She looked around as a snarl sounded from nearby. "Uh...A-Aya...w-what's going on?" Dipper asked, stuttering as usual. "Hide." Aya mewed and the twins instantly did so, hiding from the source of the snarl.
The source was a massive wolf with silver fur and amber eyes. It snarled at Aya, pinning it's ears back. Aya showed no signs of fear and she stood her ground, staring at the wolf. "Who are you? You're trespassing on our territory!" It growled. Aya didn't respond.
"I suggest you leave before I tear you to pieces." The wolf threatened, but Aya didn't respond, except with a growl. It lunged at Aya, but the lithe she-cat slipped away in time. It whipped around and Aya managed to push it back with a charge at it's chest. It growled and snapped at her, missing. Aya then slashed at it's muzzle, causing it to yelp.
It snarled and pinned Aya to the ground, biting at her neck. She kicked at it repeatedly as the twins watched in fear. Soon, the ginger she-cat slipped away from the wolf. She left a long scar across it's back and it whipped around, biting her ear and tearing it slightly. Aya then left a long scar across it's face and chest.
It yelped and backed away. "You've won this time....but it wont happen again." It snarled before turning away. "Aya! A-are you alright?" Dipper asked nervously. "I'm fine. Next time we come here, though, lets try not to get torn to pieces by a random wolf." Aya meowed. They instantly headed back to the Shack in silence, Aya licking her wounds once they arrived.

CHAPTER SIX: Demon Triangles
Aya followed the twins into the Shack silently. "You two okay? Look's like you were attacked!" A voice suddenly asked. "In fact, we were attacked." Dipper sighed. "Really? By what?" The voice asked again. "A wolf." Dipper replied.
"Good thing you weren't seriously injured, or- what's that doing here?" The voice growled and soon, Aya saw it's source. It was a rather old looking man who was staring down at Aya. "Oh...uh..." Dipper didnmt know what to say at the moment. "We found a cat in the forest! She fought the wolf off for us!" Mabel suddenly replied. "It belongs outside." The man sighed.
"But, Stan, it saved us!" Mabel pointed out. Stan noticed the many scratches and bite marks Aya had. "Fine...we can keep her. Only until her wounds heal." Stan gave up. "Why can't we keep her forever?" Mabel whined. "We can't because it's a cat you found in the forest! Who knows what it was doing, if it's infected, or where it's been!" Stan pointed out.
Mabel sighed. "Don't worry, Mabel. We'll find a way." Dipper tried to reassure his twin sister as they went upstairs, Aya following behind. "Don't worry about me, Mabel. I'm okay with living outside. In fact, I was born in a forest!" Aya meowed. "But I don't want you to live outside. It's not safe out there." Mabel sighed. "I know where it's safe and where it isn't, Mabel. You should know by now that I can defend myself well!" Aya meowed.
"At least we'll have you here for a while, though." Mabel said, petting Aya gently. Aya soon curled up on the ground, exhausted from fighting off a wolf and wandering the forest. She soon drifted off into sleep. She found herself in a clearing and everything was grey, except for herself. W-where am I? She thought nervously.
"Don't worry about that!" A voice laughed. Aya looked around. "How'd you-?" She mewed, unable to speak well at the moment. "Don't worry about that either, kid. If you're wondering who I am, name's Bill Cipher." The voice responded. Soon enough, a yellow triangle with one rather large-ish eye appeared.
"Why are you here? W-what do you want with me?" Aya growled, her tail twitching. "Oh, Aya, I just wanted to meet you in person. I've been keeping an eye on you since you came here!" Bill explained. Aya pinned her ears back, backing away from the triangle. "How did you know my name?" Aya hissed. "I know many things, kid, and one of them just happens to be your name and entire life." Bill said, as if it was something casual.
"Well, look's like it's time for you to wake up. I'll be watching you! I'll be watching you..." Bill laughed and Aya jolted awake. "Well...I'm scarred for life now." Aya muttered as she got up. She looked around and noticed the twins were gone. She slipped out of their room and padded downstairs, only to see them awake. She was nervous about Bill for she feared his power almost instantly.

Aya shuddered as she remembered Bill's words. "It's about time you woke up!" Mabel teased when she saw Aya. Aya purred in response and nuzzled the twins. Stan glanced at Aya but said nothing. Aya looked around nervously.
The twins decided to wander the forest again, Aya following close behind. She felt like something—or someone— was watching her. She looked around nervously, expecting something to attack. Suddenly, Aya stopped in her tracks and stared at nothing, the fur along her spine bristling. Everything was even darker and covered in blood.
Suddenly, something padded towards Aya slowly, staring at her with green eyes. It snarled and snapped at Aya, amd she noticed each of it's paws had a chain around it, only three broken, the last one holding it back. It snapped at Aya again and suddenly, it let out a howl of pain and shattered like glass. The glass formed into a pool of water and Aya looked into it, only to see a pitch black cat with green eyes staring back at her, fur covered in blood. It snarled and she mewed and soon, everything returned to normal.
She noticed the twins staring at her nervously and soon saw that she was lying on the ground. "A-Aya? Are you alright?" Dipper asked nervously. "Yeah! All of the sudden you stared at nothing and fell over!" Mabel added. "I....I'm fine. Just.....it's nothing. C'mon...let's keep moving." Aya responded. She slowly got to her paws, stumbling, but she regained her balance as they moved on.
The images flashed in her mind, causing her to shudder. Something big was coming...and it was on it's way now. A dark force rising and she felt it also had something to do with Bill. A storm of shadows was rising, slowly but surely. And it would destroy all in it's path...

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Dark Forest
Once they returned to the shack a few hours later, night had already fallen. Aya followed Dipper and Mabel upstairs and curled up, exhausted. She almost instantly fell asleep. Aya found herself in a much darker version of the forest. She looked around nervously, green eyes wide.
Aya wandered around until a massive shape appeared. It was pure black but had bright green eyes. It was the cat from the vision she recieved a few hours ago. It stared down at Aya, growling. It soon attacked and Aya ran off, eyes wide.
She found herself on a cliff, the cat cornering her. She whipped around and it charged at her. She dug her claws in the cat's shoulders and managed to stop it once she got to the very edge of the cliff. Without having any control over herself, she fell backwards, still clinging to the black cat. Just before they struck the ground, Aya woke up.
She just happened to wake up before the twins until she realized why; it was only midnight. She curled up and fell asleep once more. She found herself in the same forest, looking around. She decided to wander it for a while. She was expecting an enemy to appear at any time, but nothing happened.
Suddenly, a lithe brown tabby appeared, padding towards Aya. "Welcome, Aya, to the Dark Forest..." It growled. Aya's tail twitched and she backed away from the cat. "Who are you?" Aya demanded, staring at the tabby. "My name is Hawk. You may wonder why I am here. I have come to train you in the ways of the Dark Forest and lead you to our path." The tabby explained.
"Yeah, like I'd be on your side." Aya muttered. "So, do you wish to train in the ways of the powerful Dark Forest, or StarClan?" Hawk growled, icy blue eyes narrowed. "I don't have a good feeling about you felines, so I'd say StarClan." Aya decided. "You don't know what you've done! You have chosen the wrong path; the path of weakness!" Hawk snarled. He slashed at Aya, but she jumped away in time.
She left a scar on his shoulder, rushing away. "The Dark Forest is going to rise again, soon! We'll destroy all of you!" Hawk yowled as Aya ran off. Soon, though, she found herself waking up. "You okay, Aya?" Mabel asked when she woke up. "Yeah...you were shifting a lot in your sleep..." Dopper pointed out nervously.
"I'm fine...just...a nightmare." Aya responded. "What in the-? Where'd that come from?" Dipper suddenly asked. Aya looked to where he was staring and soon, she saw a new scar on her side. "Uhh....m-must've been from the wolf?" Aya meowed nervously. "Then why does it seem like it just happened?" Dipper narrowed his eyes.
"Maybe it just reopened..?" Aya responded. Dipper shrugged. "Hopefully it doesn't last too long, not that I don't want you to stay here in the Shack..." Dipper sighed. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. If anything goes wrong, I promise to protect this family with the cost of my life." Aya promised. Little did she know, that promise would be kept to a purpose later on.

Aya and the twins went exploring in the forest again. Everything seemed to be going well until he appeared: Bracken and his group. Aya stared at Bracken, green eyes narrowed. "Uh...Aya? What's wrong? Do you know him..?" Dipper asked nervously and Aya nodded. She instantly remembered what Bracken had done and tears pricked at her eyes.
"Looks like the runt survived! I thought I told them to take all of you!" Bracken growled, glaring at Silver and the other cat, Sol, a ginger tabby tom with a streak of gold fur across his back, white underfur and paws, and amber eyes. "...I wont let you take anyone else away from me..." Aya growled. She told the twins to hide and so they did. "I suppose that's a challenge!" Bracken sneered. Aya unsheathed her claws.
"I suggest you turn around and leave, before I snap your neck in two perfect halves!" Aya snarled. Bracken raised a paw, his long claws unsheathed. "You think you can win?" He growled. He then slashed at her throat, but missed entirely. Aya leapt onto his back, digging her claws in his shoulders.
Bracken winced, reared onto his back legs, and fall backwards, failing to crush Aya. Aya pinned Bracken to the ground and kicked at him, spitting insults. Bracken threw her off, ordering his followers to attack while he hid. The group attacked Aya who fought back easily. Silver and Sol slashed at her, but she sent them running off.
Bracken leapt out of the shadows, catching Aya off guard and biting her. She hissed and managed to slip away. Bracken chased her and attacked, but failed, ending up being pinned to the ground again and attacked. Aya was thrown off, striking the ground, but she got up. Bracken had vanished.
She heard sinister laughter around her, something jumping from tree to tree. Soon, he leapt at her, but missed. Aya lunged at Bracken, but the massive tom whipped around and knocked her to the side. Bracken soon attacked Dipper and Mabel, scratching at them. Aya shot up and charged at Bracken, separating the tabby from the twins.
The two felines fought, biting, screeching, yowling, and scratching. Soon, they got to the cliff nearby, the twins following in fear. Aya and Bracken stood silently, breathing heavily. They stared at each other, tails lashing. Aya was bleeding badly, as was Bracken.
Bracken made the first move, rushing at Aya, but the lithe she-cat dug her claws into his shoulders. She whipped around and fell backwards. "What in the-?" Bracken seemed confused, but was cut off as he was thrown off of Aya and over the cliff. He managed to dig his claws into the side of the cliff, staring in horror. "P-Please...Aya..." Bracken begged.
"You really think I'd save you? After what you did to me? You murdered my parents and took my siblings! What reason do you have for me to save you?" Aya snarled. "Aya...come to your senses! I'm sorry! Please..." Bracken mewed. Aya stared at Bracken for a moment, her face blank. She set her paws on his and Bracken looked hopeful. "Sorry doesn't bring back lives." The ginger she-cat growled and threw his paws off of the cliff.
Bracken reached his paws out, green eyes wide. "Aya! Please! Aya-" But he was cut off when he struck the ground with a loud sickening crack. Aya sat on the edge of the cliff, staring at the ground. The twins glanced nervously at eachother. Bracken's group returned, wide-eyed.
Aya remained silent. Her wounds bled rapidly, causing her to lose enough blood that she fell over, unconscious. The group backed away and rushed back into the forest. The twins stared in horror at Aya and rushed to help her. This was a day she'd never forget.

CHAPTER TEN: Fear and Recovery
Aya woke up in the Mystery Shack, her fur bloody and pale, her eyes clouded and dull. She didn't feel any pain, but when she tried to get up, the pain all rushed back to her, knocking her back down. She winced and sighed and soon realized where she was; the attic. She heard the door opena nd went limp, closing her eyes. "What happened to her?" A voice, Stan, asked nervously.
"Well...we explored the forest again....and-" Dipper tried to explain, but was cut off. "And she was attacked by these weird evil cats that seem to know her and she threw the main cat off the cliff and she fell over..." Mabel began to explain everything. "We don't know if she's dead or alive...but she said something; 'Sorry doesn't bring back lives.' The cats seem to know each other....but not in the good way...do you think she'll be okay?" Dipper asked nervously. Stan looked down at Aya, actually seeming worried for once. "I...I'm afraid I don't know. Tell me if something happens..." Stan sighed, leaving the room.
The twins stared nervously down at Aya, hoping she would be okay. "I can't belive this is happening...we shouldn't have gone to the forest!" Dipper sighed. "Don't worry, she'll be okay! I know she will!" Mabel tried to reassure him, but Dipper didn't seem convinced. "I can't stand losing a friend...she was one of the only friends I've ever made around here...she saved our lives quite a few times and now...now she's going to die!" Dipper mumbled. The twins stared at the ground, sighing.
"I...I'm going to go try and cheer up Stan." Mabel whispered leaving silently. "I'll tell you if anything happens..." Dipper told her. Suddenly, a few minutes later, Dipper felt something soft and furry rub against him. He saw who it was; Aya. He instantly hugged her lightly.
She rubbed against him, purring. Though, yes, she was still badly injured, the wounds were helaing rather quickly. Dipper held her and rushed downstairs. "Mabel! Stan! She's okay now!" Dipper called out. Stan and Mabel instantly rushed over.
"How did she survive?" Stan asked. "Who knows! Maybe she's a magic cat!" Mabel smiled. "You know what? I change my mind; Aya can stay here at the Mystery Shack!" Stan announced. The small ginger cat purred, the stinging pain fading. Aya rubbed against each of them, continuing to purr.
The battle was long forgotten though it happened not too long ago. Her wounds healed, except for a long scar across her back. It seems this day was better than expected. Aya wandered the Mystery Shack, slightly limping. Her fur was no longer pale and her eyes were bright.

Aya fell asleep once night had fallen. She found herself in the forest, her siblings and parents at her side. Suddenly, a cat attacked her siblings, forming a pool of blood. The cats faded and the blood became water. Aya padded towards the pool of water and stared into it.
She saw her reflection, but it shattered like glass, being replaced with a black cat with dark green eyes. Aya mewed and the cat snarled at the same time. The water rose into the air, forming into the shape of a cat until it actually became one; the black cat she saw. This was just like the prophecy she recieved not too long ago. It rushed at Aya and the two cats fought on a cliff.
Soon enough, they fell off of the cliff and just before Aya hit the ground, she woke up. She shuddered, shaking her head rapidly. She fell asleep again, soon. Aya found herself in the Dark Forest. Spirits appeared around her, snarling.
Aya pinned her ears back and backed away, tail lashing, and hissing. They soon attacked, slashing at her, but she avoided them. She ran off in a random direction, green eyes wide. She soon found the black cat again. "Either join us and follow our path or die a slow, painful death!" The cat snarled, looking down at Aya.
"I'll never join you!" Aya hissed. "So be it..." The cat snarled and soon Aya rushed away. Little did she know, she was being watched by someone; a certain demon triangle. Aya found herself at the border between the Dark Forest and StarClan. She leapt over the border, calming down when she reached StarClan.
She wandered around the area, green eyes bright with curiosity. Soon, her family appeared. Aya touched noses with each of them, purring. "Welcome to StarClan, Aya..." Storm murmured. "We have been watching you..." Frost meowed.
Soon, Aya woke up again. She got up and stretched, heading silently downstairs. She feared the black cat that she had seen. What did it want with her? Aya sighed and shook the thoughts from her mind for it was the last thing she needed to worry about...for now.

(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen Season Two of Gravity Falls[Mainly the episode "Not What He Seems], then I suggest you skip this chapter along with the others as all of them contain spoilers.)
Of course, it was still in the middle of the night, and when Aya reached the Gift Shop, she saw something unexpected...
The vending machine was peeled off the wall to reveal a small room with an elevator (I can't really remember it too well because I haven't seen the episode in a while. This will be based on memory). Aya narrowed her green eyes and padded into the room. She realized that she needed to punch in a code to be able to access the elavator and so she managed to do so, lucky enough to get it right. She slipped into the elevator and was sent to the third floor. She soon saw a figure standing a little bit away as well as quite a bit of technology around her.
Her green eyes grew wide in fear and the figure whipped around, causing Aya to rush away. The ginger she-cat managed to hide successfully. "Spending thirty years to restart a portal isn't easy....and now I only need a few more things..." The figure muttered, Aya soon discovering that it was Stan. She watched him nervously as he began working on something that she couldn't see. "Well...I just happen to have what I need." Stan laughed.
Suddenly, the symbols on the portal began glowing and flashing as it slowly activated. Stan began reading from a journal. "Can it, poindexter! I've come this far! Who could possibly stop me now?" He snapped. "Only seventeen more hours..." Stan sighed and soon he fell asleep a while later after setting the timer onto some strange device on his wrist. Aya rushed back to the elevator and headed upstairs, closing the entrance to the bunker.
That place was a secret Aya had to keep, for she knew something could go wrong. She padded upstairs quickly and curled up in the twins room again. She fell asleep and woke up around the time the twins did, mainly because of Mabel waking both of them without much reason. "So I began opening doors, because I'm a creep, and look what I found!" Mabel smiled, opening a door to reveal quite a few illegal fireworks. "Okay, maybe this isn't a good idea..." Aya whispered nervously.
"Oh no you don't! You're not setting off those illegal fireworks..." Stan growled as he seemed to appear behind them. The twins looked nervous for a moment. "...without me!" Stan laughed and the twins followed him to the roof. Soon enough, Mabel found a rather large firework and Aya knew this wasn't a good idea. "I am the god of destruction!" She yelled just before the firework was set off.
Aya had to cling onto the roof to keep herself from being pushed backwards by the impact of wind that the firework had caused. Soon enough, everything was burning. "Yeah..I think we should really start cleaning this place up." Stan pointed out. "With water balloons?" Dipper suggested. "I don't see why not." Stan agreed.
Soon enough the twins and Aya were tossing water balloons at each other, Dipper's not really going far or popping, but Mabel's being powerful. Aya managed to fling a water balloon at Mabel by rolling onto her back, holding the balloon gently with her paws and setting them on her back paws, flinging it and striking Mabel. "I don't think I've ever seen a cat that was able to do such a thing!" Stan laughed. Aya purred and got up, just for a water balloon to knock her back down. It didn't pop and so Aya guessed it was from Dipper.
Aya flung it at Dipper, striking him in the arm. She smirked and jumped back to her paws. "Ah...this is what Saturday's are for; doing dumb things forever." Stan sighed, watching the twins. Soon, the twins and Aya decided to jump into a pile of water balloons. "Dumb things forever!" The three of them laughed.
"You know, it's unnatural for siblings to get along as well as you do!" Stan told the twins. "Don't worry! We still have a lot of summer left to drive each other crazy!" Mabel laughed, shaking Dipper by his arm. He reached for a water balloon and shoved Mabel to the ground gently, the water balloon hitting her face. "Heh...yeah...plenty of summer left...uhh...kids, there's something I want to tell you. It's uh...it's complicated...you see.....I-I'm gonna go refill my soda." Stan said nervously, walking away and leaving the twins confused. Aya knew what he was hiding...
but they couldn't know yet.

Soon, Stan was pinned up against a car and Agent Powers and Trigger had appeared, as well as some other people who definitely terrified Aya for they were epart of the U.S. Government. (Okay, so, since I remember nothing from this part of the episode, let's just say whatever happens her happened...until they found out about the bunker.) After coming up with a plan to get into the Shack and fighting Soos, they soon got to the bunker. They saw the timer and portal and they found the way to stop it. Once they turned the three keys, a red button was revealed. They each rushed towards it, Dipper about to press it, but Stan barging in and stopping him.
"I need this machine to stay on! You've gotta trust me!" Stan told them. "And I should trust you why? After you stole radioactive waste? After you lied to us all summer? I don't even know who you are!" Dipper snapped. "Look, if you just let me explain- Brace yourselves!" Stan warned and soon enough, there was a powerful gravity anomaly, each of them floating in the air as if gravity itself had ended. Mabel was caught on a wire, Dipper telling her to shut it down. Mabel made her way to the button, but Stan stopped her.
"Remember what I was trying to tell you this morning? It was that you're gonna hear some bad things about me, and all of them are true, but everything I've worked for, it's all for this family!" Stan explained. "Mabel! He's lying! Shut it down, now!" Dipper yelled. Aya herself didn't know who to trust, so she kept silent. "Mabel, please!" Stan begged. Mabel was soon crying, holding onto the thing that held the button(I know, brilliant description).
"Stan...I don't even know...if you're my Great Uncle....I wanna belive you but-" (Okay, I may have set some events before they should have been, but this is based off my memory) Mabel said. Soon enough, Mabel made her decision...
She trusted Stan.
"Mabel! Are you crazy? Now we're all gonna-" Dipper snapped, but he was cut off as the timer reached it's end, the portal giving off a blinding light. Soon, they each fell to the ground and the light faded to reveal a figure standing infront of the portal. A journal was lying on the ground and the figure set it's hand onto the golden one, matching perfectly and setting it in a pocket in it's trench coat. "What in the- Who is that?" Dipper asked as he slowly got up. "The author of the journals," Stan said as the figure uncovered it's face. "My brother..."

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Truth Behind It All
"After all these years! Brother!" Stan smiled, walking towards his brother who punched Stan quite hard. "Ow! What was that for?" Stan snapped. "This was an insanely risky move, restarting the portal! Didn't you read my warning?" His brother retorted. "How's about a thanks for saving you from what appears to be a...sci-fi side-burn dimension?" Stan growled. "Thank you? You really think I'm going to thank you after what you did to me thirty years ago?" His brother snapped.
"Why you stuck-up-" Stan growled, lunging at his brother who avoided Stan. Stan whipped around, but his brother was already behind him and pinned him down. "Don't think I'm gonna go easy on you...just because you're...family." Stan glared at his brother. "Hey, hi, Mabel here. One question; What the heck is going on here?" Mabel asked. "Stan...you didn't tell me there were children down here....and some large, hairless gopher?" The figure seemed confused, backing away from Stan.
"They're your family, poindexter—Shermy's grandkids." Stan pointed out. "I...I have a neice and nephew?" His brother smiled. The figure shook Mabel's hand. "Greetings! Do kids still say greetings? I haven't been in this dimension for a really long time." He wondered. "Wow! A six-fingered handshake! That's a full finger friendlier than normal!" Mabel pointed out.
"I like this kid! She's weird!" The man laughed. "I-I can't believe it! You're the author of the journals!" Dipper pointed out, surprised. "You've read my journals?" Stan's brother asked. "I haven't just read them, I've lived them! I have so many questions-" Dipper went on and on. "Look, there'll be time for introductions later. Tell me, Stan, does anyone else know about this portal?" The man asked.
"Nope. Just us...and maybe the entire U.S. Government." Stan responded. "The what?" The man snapped. They soon saw what happened outside, seeing that they were being searched for. "Okay...okay...we have a long time before they find us. We need to just lay low and think of a plan." Stan's brother sighed. Soon enough, Stan's true name was uncovered, Stanley, and his brother was Stanford, and they also explained everything since they were children.
"Stanford!" A familiar voice called happily. Aya's ears perked up; Dusk! Stanford whipped around, wondering who said his name. "Stanford, it's really you!" Dusk came running towards him, her amber eyes bright. "Wait a minute...Dusk? Is it really you?" Stanford asked.
Dusk leapt onto his shoulder. "Dusk has been traveling the long distances between Stanley and I, watching both of us. No wonder she became a traveler!" Stanford laughed. "After all these years...." Dusk sighed. "I know how we can stop them from finding us. The memory eraser." Aya pointed out. Dipper had kept one with him and gave it to Stanford who managed to set it to a radio headset frequency and everyone covered their ears so they didn't get effected.
Soon enough Stanford left and told them off, the others following. Dusk remained on his shoulder. "It's glad to have you back, Stanford." Dusk purred. "You can just call me Ford." He laughed, setting Dusk down. "Alright, time for you kids to get to bed. Me, my brother, and Dusk have a lot to talk about." Stan sighed.
"But he's the author of the journals! I've been waiting a long time to finally speak to him-" Dipper explained, but he was cut off as Stan told them again. Dipper, Mabel, and Aya sighed. Dusk, Stan, and Ford headed towards the living room. "When did we become so old? It feels like yesterday...." Dusk sighed. "You look like dad." Ford said to Stan.
"Don't say that!" Stanley laughed. "Look, Stanley, You can look after the kids up here while I stay down in the basement and contain any remaining damage. But when the summer's over, you give me my house back, you give me my name back, and this Mystery Shack is over forever!" Ford sighed. "You really aren't gonna thank me, are you? Fine! Only on one condition; you stay away from the kids, because as far as I'm concerned, they're the only family I have left." Stan growled. They soon separated Dusk staying with Ford. Mabel was listening to what they were saying through the door to their room.
"I think Ford said he's going to get us puppies made of icecream. Might be wishful thinking, though." Mabel reported. "I can't believe it...the author lives in the basement and I can't even speak to him..." Dipper sighed. "Don't worry, because I feel as though you will be able to spend some time with him. I could understand how you've been waiting for a while to find him; to be able to speak to him." Aya tried to reassure him. Soon, the three went to sleep, Aya curling up in a tight ball of ginger fur. Aya lifted her head, green eyes narrowed for this was only just the beginning.

(This chapter is of Dusk's past, just so you know)
Dusk was curled up beside her parents, Thunder and Leaf. The she-cat had light grey fur which was long, and bright amber eyes. Thunder was a golden tabby with amber eyes and Leaf was a brown-and-white tabby with amber eyes and long fur. Thunder glanced at Leaf, sighing. "Do you think she'll survive?" He asked his mate.
Leaf nodded. "Of course she will," She meowed. "Because she was born with the heart of a powerful cat. She is strong and will always remain this way." Thunder nodded in agreement. Dusk didn't listen to their short conversation. Thunder touched noses with Leaf.
"I'll be out hunting," He told her. "I'll be back soon." And with that, he bounded away, deeper into the woods. Leaf curled her thick-furred tail around Dusk, the grey kit not responding. Leaf grew stiff with fear for she hadn't expected her last kit to die already. Dusk's breathing was shallow, and she could hardly see.
Thunder soon returned, dropping his prey and rushing towards Leaf. "She can't be dying! Come on, Dusk!" He mewed nervously. Soon enough, Dusk found herself in a grey clearing. A strange looking triangle appeared in front of her. Dusk backed away, amber eyes narrowed.
"No need for an introduction, you'll find out who I am later in your life...only if you take this deal. I'll let you survive...but with something to always remember me by." The triangle explained quickly. It held out a hand which ignited with blue flames. Dusk stared at it's hand for a moment, thinking the flames would harm her. "The flames wont burn." The triangle sighed and Dusk set her paw in his hand, shaking it. Soon, Dusk woke up with her parents staring down at her.
Dusk got up slowly, slightly weak. Leaf and Thunder nuzzled her, glad that she lived. "Thank StarClan you survived! We thought you'd die like the others-" Leaf meowed, but she instantly began to regret what she said. Thunder stared at Leaf. "W-What do you mean..? I-I had brothers and sisters who died? And you never told me?" Dusk gasped in disbelief.
"Wait, Dusk-" Leaf mewed.
"Who even are you? Why have you kept yet another secret from me?" Dusk snapped. Leaf winced at how she said "another", implying that Dusk knew that this wasn't the only one. Dusk backed away, amber eyes narrowed. She then rushed away from her parents, deeper into the forest, ears pinned back. Leaf rushed after Dusk, but Thunder stopped her with his tail.
"Dusk! Come back!" Leaf wailed. Dusk didn't even hear Leaf at this point. Soon, the trees thinned out, until she found herself in some strange place. Dusk felt her paws burn slightly and she stared down, only to see sand. She looked around, only to see sand for what seemed like miles until her gaze landed on a deep blue body of water in the distance.
She decided to ignore it and soon found a strange cave. She instantly rushed towards it, slipping through the boards that blocked it off. She hid, shivering in fear. How many siblings did I have? What were they like? Why- Dusk thought, but the sound of something braking snapped her back to reality. Two figures were heading inside the cave, talking constantly.
Dusk followed in curiosity, but she felt a sharp pain in her paw and hissed. She backed away quickly, hiding from the figures. "What was that?" One of them asked. Dusk lapped at her paw, cleaning it of blood. "I think we should find out." Another voice suggested.
The figures then headed towards Dusk. One quickly reached a hand out towards Dusk, the grey cat scratching it. "Ow! I think it's a cat!" The figure hissed. The other reached a hand out slowly to Dusk, the grey cat swatting at it but missing. The cat soon calmed down and nuzzled the figure.
"Of course it is, Stanley!" The figure laughed. Stanley, the first figure rolled his eyes, shoving the other playfully. "Nerd." He muttered. Dusk padded towards Stanley, licking his injured hand and leaning the blood off of it. He winced but said nothing.
Soon, they left the cave. Dusk learned that the figures were twins, Stanley and Stanford Pines. Dusk found herself constantly rubbing against them, purring. "So, what's your name?" Stanford asked Dusk. "Oh, like it's gonna answer that! Cats can't talk!" Stanley playfully reminded Stanford.
"You never know! This one might!" Stanford responded. Dusk looked around and saw that the sun was setting. She lifted a paw and pointed to it. "Your name is Sunset?" Stanford guessed. Dusk shook her head and continued pointing.
Stanford seemed confused, taking random guesses. Dusk sighed and found a stick lying on the ground. She dragged it back and began to write her name in the sand. "Oh...Dusk." Stanford said, understanding. Dusk nodded.
"That's amazing. A cat writing in the sand her name with a stick which we could read. I never thought that was possible!" Stanford laughed. "Well, we gotta go home. See you later, Dusk!" Stanford and Stanley said, waving goodbye to Dusk. Dusk waved a paw back to them, purring. She padded back to the cave and curled up. She had forgotten all about her parents, their secrets, and the forest.
Weeks had passed and Dusk finally trusted herself to actually speak to the twins. When the bullies came by and began to insult Stanley and Stanford, Dusk would defend them. One time, they insulted them again for having a talking cat defend them who was a "third freak" and Dusk snapped. She retorted with a strong insult, her claws unsheathed, and she scratched at them constantly, sending them away. Soon, when the twins were older, they had separated.
Dusk was torn between following Stanley or Stanford. Soon, she made up her mind; she would travel between them, no matter how long it took, and checked on them for a week and went to the other. When she visited Stanford, though, she found something she didn't expect; Stanley and a portal. Soon, the twins fought, Dusk trying to calm them. Stanley was walking towards Stanford, holding one of the journals.
"Some brother you turned out to be," Stanley snapped. "You care more about your dumb mysteries than your family? Well, then you can have them!" He then shoved the journal into Stanford's hands with enough force to send him back towards the portal. Stanford began to get sucked into the portal. "Stanley! Do something! Stanley, please! Stanley! Stanley-" Stanford dropped the journal before soon being fully into the portal. Dusk and Stanley were sent back a bit.
Dusk got up and her amber eyes grew wide; the portal shut down and Stanford's glasses struck the ground. "Stanford!" She wailed, rushing towards the portal. After that, she and Stanley began to work on the portal to finally bring back Stanford. Dusk was angry and Stanley, but she didn't show it. Everyday and night she and Stanley would try and reactivate the portal, spending a full thirty years before finally bringing him back.
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