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My World Just got Intresting !! A start and a Shock.

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master I get my Pokémon and get told about. And I get a shock.
I took both poke balls from his hands willingly. Lifting them in the air just gave me goose bumps, I felt chills run down my spin as pure excitement rushed over me like a gentle wave.
I threw them in the air gently. As they came down I felt like I couldn't breathe from the thrill I was actually starting a journey. My own journey.

When they hit the ground I actually. I was squealing happily and try to control the urge to bounce all over the place. In front of me was a shiny Eevee who's coat glowed a mellow calm silver. On its right stood a Torchic even though it's not Fennekin, I couldn't be happier. By were I am right now.

I glanced at the Professor and grinned I stepped down top their level and breathe a soft few breathes and said. "Hello. I'm Sasha. I know I may not be what you are expecting but, I hope we can be good friends."

Both Eevee and Torchic glanced at each other and grinned probably bigger than mine. And yapped and Chirped happily and tackled me to the ground. I yelped shocked but it soon turned into a chuckle. I got up Eevee on my shoulder and Torchic in both my arms.

I looked at Kai and who had an emotionless façade on and it didn't pass me. Wait a minute.

"Professor who did the other Pokémon go to?" I questioned. Realisation hit Kai like a ton of Bricks and he nodded his head too. Professor Sycamore nodded and said "Froakie when to a girl called Misty, who wants to see any new water types. Fennekin to a girl called Dawn, who wants to take on the Contests here. Chespin, to a boy named Paul who wants to beat the league."

I instantly thought 'Oh no.' I looked at Kai and said "I want to travel on my own if that's okay and meet new Pokémon myself can you tell the others. Because you are reliable" Kai nodded his head as I took the pokedex said my thanks and left.

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