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My team

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master Hi everyone I am writing a story with me and my friend Mohammed. My real name is Sasha.
Name: Sasha

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Chick, the Blaziken. She is bold nature and loves any food. She really does care for her trainer to the point she will fight anything that harms her.

Her moves are:

Sky Uppercut

Blaze Kick

Blast Burn

Stone Edge

Sky Blue, the Altaria. She is gentle and loves sweet and spicy foods. She loves to fly high with her trainer on her back. She also is as protective as Chick is over her trainer.

Her moves:

Dream Eater

Dragon Pulse


Allie, the Mantetric. She is bold nature and loves any food also. She loves to walk by her trainer side, ready to defend her from any attackers.

Her Moves are:

Thunder Fang

Rain Dance



Crusher, the Crawdaunt. He is also always out his pokeball and was caught after my 2 gym badge along with Allie and Aqua. He is a Brave nature and loves any food.

His moves are:


Dark Pulse

Ice Beam

Aqua, the Masquerain. She is also always out her pokeball and was caught at the same time as Crusher and Allie. She is atimid nature and loves to eat any food, but she likes dry the most.

Her moves are:

Bug Buzz

Air Slash

Bubble Beam

Ice Beam

Sue, the Gardevoir. She was caught after her 3 gym badge as a ralts but gained her levels quickly and evolved into a healthy Gardevoir.

He Moves are:

Shadow Ball


Calm Mind