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My Team Of Six In Pokemon X.

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce A month ago, i tried to open my 3DS XL. It wouldn't work. I actually cried. I would never be able to play my Animal Crossing again, never log onto Miiverse again, i would never see the end of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest...do you know the saddest part? I would never see my beloved team of six in Pokemon X. So i've been carrying around this burning feeling in my chest, and i want to let it go. So here's backstory, or a memorial, you could call it, to my cherished Pokemon Feat, Chara, Luke, Cavora, Hermes and Banun.
NOTE: This was inspired by that person on Pokecharms who did a written work on how they got they're Pokemon.
Feat: Being a Fire Type Trainer, i naturally chose Fennekin. When it evolved, into Braixen, into Delphox, through all that, it was still a Fennekin, a small, helpless, Fennekin in my heart. She deserved much more. Shortly after i finished the fourth gym, my cousin 'borrowed' my Pokemon X, and started changing everything. And so he beat the game, and my precious Delphox never got the badge. I was so furious that I ran to that dude who changed your Pokemon's nickname and changed it from Vera to Feat. Because Feat..she featured amazing things. And i know i'll love her always.

Chara: The Charmander from Professor Sycamore. I loved it as much as i loved Feat. Unlike Feat, it did get a badge, and i was happy for it. I loved it so much. I've always loved Pokemon for the adventure, not for they're strength. So i didn't care that i had a Mega Charizard X. I care that my Pokemon stay safe. I know the Pokemon isn't real, but Stay Safe, Chara.

Luke: The Lucario given by Korrina. I loved him. He always wore that serious face of his, but I saw chinks. Chinks to a consciousness and feelings. Even though Luke wasn't my original Pokemon, i still saw him as part of my team. As part of my life, even. Luke also got a badge, and i was so proud. I loved him, no matter what. But then..after my cousin beat the game, i logged on. But Luke wasn't the same. I could no longer see the chinks, and our connection seemed broken. I was heartbroken, and punched my cousin. He never understood why. But i'll miss my Luke. Always.

Cavora: The Tyrunt Of The Aquarium. Cavora was named after a cave, because he reminded me of one. Cavora was one of my strongest Pokemon, and i loved him still. I cheered when he turned into Tyrantrum. I yelled 'YEAH!' when he won a battle together. No one understood my connection with Cavora. They all thought that the Water type Pokemon was better. But i trusted Cavora better than any other organic life form. (Besides my family and friends). Cavora was untouched when my cousin took over. I believe he deserved so much more. I miss Cavora. Maybe i'll print a picture.

Hermes: The Released Pidgey In The Grass. Hermes was my second Pokemon. ( In my whole time in the Pokemon Fandom, actually. ) The reason it says 'Released' is because one day, me and my cousin took a bet capturing every single Pokemon we saw. I regret that decision so much. So, there wasn't much space left in the PC. So i thought, 'i wanna give a gift. I want to release something important to me, so that everyone else can be happy.' ( Well, not that, but something like that. ) So i pressed Release on Hermes. And then he was gone, a fossil of my team. I still miss him. I hope he's doing swell.

Banun: The Traded Bunnelby. So, i forgot the evolution of Bunnelby, but Banun was my 3rd Pokemon in my whole time in the Pokemon Fandom. I love him, but i didn't feel much of a connection. Yes, Banun was a early trade. I'm not going into that. Anyways, he was with me for very long. He was special, and while i laughed at his dirty form, i loved him all the same. Banun will always be right here. *points at chest*

So, that's a backstory of my Pokemon. I just wanted to get something off my shoulders. So i'm gonna drink some juice now. Thanks, - Via.
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