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Pokemon pearl kaben' s play through: My story part 5

by Kaben and Madeleine

Kaben and Madeleine When I reach jubilife city.
i entered jubilife city and I saw a man and he gave me info about a watch, but I had to visit the school before I get the watch. When I entered the school I saw Frank reading the board about the status effects on moves and he left so I study it too and I also battle trainer and got a Tm and head back and I talked to the man again and he told me about three clones that I have to answer questions to get the tickets to get my watch and that what I did and when I got my watch. And I decided to catch a Pokemon in the west I caught a magikarp with the rod I obtain from a fisherman and in the the east I fought Frank and catch my psyduck that I named ducky.
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  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    Still continue and this is when I reach Oreburg.
    Apr 18, 2016