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My Sinnoh Adventure

by blaze1234

blaze1234 this was my adventure in sinnoh
hey the name Kazuki and i move here from kanto and i will get my pokemon today with my friend Dawn, let start this adventure i said and i was out the house in a flash and i saw Dawn at the pokemon lab, to see prof Rowen. We opened the door he was waiting for us hey prof i said with a smile on my face. so what pokemon with you take prof Rawen said i choice chimchar as i pick the pokeball that has chimchar inside it and for you dawn i choice turtwig out that how we go our pokemon we or on route 201 and i'm looking to catch my first pokemon and i find a starly so i call out chimchar, chimchar use scratch it hit the starly it look like it could be cought so i through a pokeball and cought it. i said yes I cought my first pokemon. (nightfull) at the pokemon center and nurse joy healed my pokemon and i said thank you and we spend the night there dawn went to bed and i went to train my pokemon a couple hours later dawn got up looking for me and she remebered that i was training my pokemon and she went to go see how i was doing my two pokemon already evolved she saw that and look at me and said howed you make your evolved and told her i train very hard and i told her i was ready for the gym today i said as the sunlight came over the tree and we got start to ourburgh and train more for the gym so that afternoon i went to the gym to find the gym leader there and he said that the battle commens and i chose monferno and he sent out sheldon (mon use mach pounch it hit and it fainted i should geuss with all that training i did and he sent cranodose mon use ember it hit and now he was using zen headbutt i told mon to doge and i hit with flamethrower it was knock out and i was declard the winner and i was giving the coal badge he said i was a remarkable pokemon trainer he told me to go to jublelife city to get my next badge i said thanks and left and dawn ask how could i get so strong) pokemon center i feel asleep in a tree and dawn was looking for me Kazuki were are you ohh there u are Kazuki! i fell out of the tree and i told her i was sleeping she had a sorry look on her then she said sorry i know you are dawn so we went on to route 202 to find a budew so i want to catch this budew so i sent out star and she use wing atk and it faited so i through my pokeball and it was cought and i start training my budew and a little later it evoled it to roselia
in the next episode of sinnoh adventure how will Kazuki do for is pokemon and dawn