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My pokemon oc

by Branden H lensworth

Branden H lensworth The Backstory of my oc
I walked through the forest alone and afraid the sound of footsteps came in to earshot and they were fast I ran and the footsteps became louder until a froakie appeared sparkling I simply stared before leaning forward and hugging the lobe greninja until I heard the voice of a man. He went that way he'll
Be worth a fortune. I picked him up and ran till I came to a cliff. I heard footsteps and saw two gang members.give us the frog kid. I saw water below and no other way out so I jumped.as I fell I held froakie until I felt my back slam into the water. I started swimming to shore I saw a greninja before passing out. I woke up in a weird place with lots of dark types. I was confused until an old woman came and explain to me where I was before allowing me to catch froakie and start my adventure.