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My Pokemon journey in the Sinnoh region. (Intro to Sinnoh)

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez My story of how I went to the Sinnoh region, to collect all 8 badges, and train strong pokemon. I meet my friends! and a lot of villains along the way.
~Chapter 1~

Rowan: Hello there! its very nice to meet you!
Rowan: Welcome to the Sinnoh Region!

Rowan: I'm Rowan, but everyone in the region calls me the professor.
~Gives Advice to you~

Rowan: Ehem, we humans live alongside the pokemon as partners and friends.

Rowan: At times, we can play with our pokemon, battle with our pokemon,and gaining stronger bonds with them.

Rowan: What do I do as a professor you ask?

Rowan: I conduct researchs so that we can learn a lot more about different kinds of pokemon.

Rowan: The pokemon I study are pokemon of this region and some others.

Rowan: Lets see.. Hmm.. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself child?

Rowan: Are you a young boy? or a young girl?
~Picks young boy~

Rowan: Tell me child, what is your name?
Name: Cloud

Rowan: Ok then, so your Cloud? nice to meet you Cloud.
Rowan: Now, this young boy here.. I believe he's your best friend.

Rowan: What is his name Cloud?
Rival's Name: Tyler

Rowan: Hmm.. His name is Tyler? that's a cool name.

Rowan: Anyways Cloud, the time has finally come for you..
Rowan: Your very own journey, across the Sinnoh Region!

Rowan: On your journey, you will meet many people in need of help.
Rowan: You will meet lots of pokemon, and lots of criminals.

Rowan: You will also discover tons of stuff, and some really valuable.
Rowan: But overall, collect the 8 badges and defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

Rowan: Now go on! do what you must, and start your journey! :D

~Cloud gets transported to his new home in the Sinnoh Region~

~End of Intro to Sinnoh~
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  1. SwiftNinetalez
    No, just the intro that is like the one in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. the rest of the story is really different, and wont be based on the real games.
    Sep 2, 2014
  2. aZ3non
    Wait, are you playing the game and writing about? or are you getting transported into the game?
    P.S. Could you check out my story? I put it up not to long ago.
    Sep 2, 2014
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