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my pokemon history

by lukehtesilencey

lukehtesilencey pokemon stuff
my life begins here
*Luke wakes up
Luke: Oh i remembered its my day to pick out a pokemon
*Runs downstairs
Luke: Good mornin mom
Mom: Bye luke WAIT u forgot to
*Slams door
Mom: Kids
Luke: Im gonna be the best pokemon trainer in the world
Luke: Pokemon gotta catch'em all
Luke: Yes found it
*Touches computer
Luke: Whats my pokemon whats my pokemon
Computer:Your pokemon is greninja
*pokeball comes out
Luke: Yes my first pokemon
Meanwhile at Blitz place...
Computer: Your pokemon is jellesent
Blitz: Yes my pokemon
* looks confused
Blitz: wonder hows luke doin
Forest route 3
Luke: Ok greninja where gonna bond quickly
Luke: Go greninja
*greninja comes out of pokeball
Greninja: Greninja
Luke: you look tight
Greninja: Gren (thank you)
Luke: we're gonna bond right away
*hugs greninja
*hugs luke back
Greninja: Greninja (I like you already)
Luke: Ok greninja lets go battle some pokemon
Greninja: Greninja (i remembered he cant hear me talking to him)
Luke: Pokemon gotta catch'em all
Greninja: GRENINJA!!!!!!!
To be contonued