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my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke 2 part 2

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog finally the continuation of the sequel of the second nuzlocke run of pokemon emerald
Aqua admin Matt: you beat all those low level grunts but now you face me and I am of a much higher level!

Justin: Uh huh.

Admin Matt: are you to afraid to come back with one of your famous Team cloud comebacks?

Justin: Look I just woke up from a nap so give me a couple minutes okay?

Admin Matt: NO! We battle now!

Battle begins

Justin: (Yawn) Abby make this quick. I am going to get a mountain dew for the vending machine.

Abby: Okay!?

Forty three minutes later…

Abby: Rose you’re up!

Rose: This is going to be fun!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin (walking back with a bottle of soda and a bag of chips): So how did we do did we win? Looks like it.

Admin Matt: Distraction complete sir!

Intercom (Archie): Good job meat bag!

(The submarine starts to leave)

Admin Matt: WAIT FOR ME SIR! (Jumps in the water and chases after the submarine)

Sonic: This is going to take forever isn’t it?

Amber: Yes, yes it is.

After several months out at sea our heroes find themselves at Mossdeep city

Location: Mossdeep city

(Water crashes against the shore)

Justin (getting washed up on the shore) That’s it I quit! No more chasseing team aqua! I am just going back to my original plan and challenge the gyms!

Several gym trainers later…

Location: gym

(Two cryostats tube open)

Justin: Umm I have a bad feeling about this…

Leaders Tate and Liza (speaking at the same time in a slightly robotic vice): What is your reason for come here?

Justin: I am having second thoughts about challenging this gym.

Leaders Tate and Liza (speaking at the same time in a slightly robotic vice): you wish to challenge this gym… then let’s get this battle stated.

Justin: Now it’s a really bad feeling.

Double battle begins

Justin: Abby, Shelby!

Abby: This will not take long!

Shelby: No it will not!

Fifty three minutes later…

Justin: Rose! Switch with Shelby!

Rose: Take a break Shelby I got this one!

Fifty four minutes later…

Amber: Rose move over I want a piece of this!

Rose: Alright!

Abby: Why is no one switching with me?!

Amber: Because you are not getting hit as much!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Tate and Liza (speaking at the same time in a slightly robotic vice): Malfunction, Malfunction 0001110001010101011…

Justin: Ummm I’m just going to take this… (Takes badge out of the case behind Tate and Liza) and now I am going to leave. (Leaves)

Justin receives the mind badge and CD

Location: Mossdeep city

Amber: Hey Justin isn’t that team magma over there?

Sonic: Amber don’t you remember he said he was done chasing after them.

Amber: He said he was done chasing after team aqua he said nothing about team magma.

Justin: True and I guess I could make a few grunts cry.

Several grunt battles later…

Location: Mossdeep city space center

Steven: I knew you guys would show up here trying to steal the rocket fuel!

Maxie: Yeah we sent a letter saying “We are going to steal your rocket fuel.”

Steven: So tell me why do you want the fuel?

Maxie: Gas is expensive.

Steven: I hear that.

Justin: Steven move it or loss it. I plan to battle these fools and make them cry when I win.

Steven: I want piece of this.

One double battle later…

(Maxie throw a smoke bomb)

Justin: I really need to get some of those I mean really.

Steven: So Justin what are you going to do now?

Sonic: Mi, min!

Justin (looking at Sonic): No.

Sonic (sounding annoyed): Mi Min mi Minum!

Justin (looking at Sonic): I said no Sonic!

Steven: Are you talking to it?

Justin: Yes now give me a minute.

Sonic (sounding angry): Mi, min! Mi Min mi Minum!

Justin: damn it Sonic I said no!

(Sonic electrocutes Justin with shock wave)

Justin: NO!

(Sonic electrocutes Justin again this time using thunderbolt)

Justin: Okay fine! We will chase down team aqua okay you happy now!?

Steven: Wait you can understand you Minum?

Justin: Yes now excuse me I have to go do something I don’t want to do.

Days of searching and several aqua grunt battles later…

Location: Seafloor cavern

Justin: Okay sonic as soon as we take care of this we are going to do what I had originally planned.

Abby: I have a bad felling about this.

Archie: Halt!

Justin: huh?

Battle begins

Justin: What the distortion world Archie no cool before battle dialog!?

Archie: I am in a hurry and don’t have time for it!

Justin: Aw I was looking forward to this… Sonic make it quick!

Sonic: This will be.

Battle ends Justin is the winner (I got a lot of critical hits)

Achier: You may have beaten me but after I use this RED orb!

(The Red orb starts to fill the room with a red light Kyogre gets pissed and puts a hole in the ceiling)

Maxie: Wait Archie…! (Looks at the hole in the ceiling) never mind I am too late.

Archie: Yes you are too late and now I have the mighty…

Justin: Don’t lie you have nothing.

Maxie: It went through the ceiling and now the whole region has gone to Grimer.

Archie: What are you talking about?

Maxie: I will explain outside.

Archie: No you are going to explain right here and now.

Maxie (with the water up to his neck): Archie the room is filling up with water and I don’t want to drown so I will explain outside

Archie: fair enough.

Justin (under water and sonic standing on his head): (under water screaming)

Location: Outside

Archie: Never mind Maxie I see what you mean.

Maxie: You know what this means right?

Archie: Yes we must put aside our differences and join forces to save the region!

Maxie: Actual I was going to say we take your submarine and get out of here. But your way sounds more fun.

(Maxie and Archie take off)

Justin: All in favor of getting the Muk out of here?

Abby: Aye!

Rose: Aye!

Shelby: Aye!

Cooler: Aye!

Amber: where are we going to go once we leave here?

Justin: Kanto.


(Justin and party take to the skies with help from Rose and head for the Kanto region)

The end

Okay quick thing: If it seems like I am rushing this it’s because I am just not felling it anymore and I want to focus more on making YouTube videos so if you don’t like my ending then too bad for you!