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My Pokemon Battle

by Raichu ThunderFace

Raichu ThunderFace This is a piece of my Fanfiction
A wild Mimikyu came out of nowhere and started attacking the students with shadow balls during an assembly. The Mimikyu used a move I have never seen before to close all the exits to the Gym. I climb up the air vent on the wall on the south side of the gym. I jumped onto a white bridge-like structure with spotlights on it.

I ran down the structure to the end and I threw my pok`e-ball, and said, “Honedge, Ten-hut!” A small sword with a long blue arm-like ribbon appeared holding its sheath.

I said, “Honedge, we need to protect these students. Let’s jump.” I grabbed my Honedge’s handle and his sheath with my other hand, and he wrapped his fine silk arm of cloth around my arm, and we floated fast to the gym floor.

I threw his sheath up in the air and said, “Night Slash.”

Swiftly Honedge grabbed his sheath and then slashed the Imposter Pika-chu.

The Mimikyu’s ability Disguise busted and Mimikyu took no damage from Honedge’s Night Slash. The wild Mimikyu used Shadow Sneak, disappearing for a few seconds, and then attacking the only Pokémon in the gym.

I yelled, “Hang in there Honedge!” A bright light started glowing around Honedge.

I said in astonishment, “Honedge? Are you evolving?”