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My Pokemon Adventures Series 1 #1 I Choose You!

by Furiousclaw1234

Furiousclaw1234 This is the first series of Pokemon Adventures. The story is me travelling through Kanto! Series 2,3,4,5, and 6 will be coming soon. This Pokemon Adventures series may end next year? Idk :)
It was a brilliant azure blue sky. I wake up feeling excited and jumpy that I mess up my bed and threw all my pokemon plushies into the air. I quickly showered, got dressed, flew down the staircase, and ran to the Professor's Lab. After all, it was my big day. Becoming a Pokemon Trainer! I ran into my rival, Samantha on the way.
"Race ya, smelly face!" Samantha spat in my face before accelerating faster than me. She flew down the dusty old path at inhuman speed.
"Shut up, old bones!" I shouted, running.
Samantha was already adoring the starters and cuddling them. Charmander sneezed embers in her face. Then Squirtle spat water at her. Serves her right, I thought. Only Bulbasaur seemed tame. So she chose her. As for me, I'm the stereotype. So I obviously picked Charmander (Fire types are my game!).
"Hah, even with type disadvantage, I will beat you!" Samantha said, sticking her tongue out before collecting her stuff and running off to train.
"Stupid Samantha." I muttured before packing my Pokedex in my bag and stuffing my pokeballs in my left pocket (cuz i'm left-handed).
"Wanna battle, noob?" Samantha smirked. "I accept!" I said with all my might. "Go Bulbasaur!" She said.
"Charmander, let's go! Come out!" I said.
"Vine Whip!"
"Dodge it, and use Ember! Try to land a hit!"
Boom. Charmander hit Bulbasaur.
"Now, Sleep Powder!"
No. No way she's gonna sleep me.
"Dodge it and use scratch!"
Bang. Hit again.
Bulbasaur was K'Od, knocked out. "Oh look. Who's the better trainer now?" I said truimphantly. Samantha stomped her feet and ran off to the tall grass. "Hope Beedrill doesn't sting her, ha ha. What a sore loser." I muttured.
A flutter was heard. "A Pidgey, huh? This may be a good addition." I said thoughtfully.
"Go Charmander!"
"Charmander, scratch!"
Landed a hit. Not bad. Crap. Pidgey's using gust!
"Charmander, Ember, now!"
Another hit. Okay. Pokeball time! I hurled my pokeball. 3 shakes happened and I caught Pidgey! Charmander also leveled up for the second time. He was level 7! Also learnt Smokescreen. Way ahead of Samantha! "Welp, better go to bed. It's late. Charmander, return!"
-The End of #1-
PS: I know Charmander learnt Ember at Lvl 7 and learns Smokescreen at Lvl 10. But come on, it's MY story.
  1. Furiousclaw1234
    Sorry if any Samanthas are reading this. Teapot, if you read this, thank you! :)
    Aug 5, 2016