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my pokemon adventure part 2

by hyperion0909

Ethan: ill be going my way ALONE ok blue.blue:ok.(ethan gos on his journey)ethan: hey a zubat go growlith use ember.(zubat used supersonic)ethan:go pokeball.(zubat was caught)
(as ethan continues his adventure he catches a tyroge,cyndaquil,charmander,trapinch)
(he won the first and second gym the his cydaquil,growlith,charmander,trapinch,zubat,tyroge evolved in to quilava,arcanine,charmeleon,vibrava,golbat and hitmonlee he challenged the 3rd 4th 5th and 6th gym and won his charmeleon,quilava,golbat,vibrava evovled in to charizard,typholsion,crobat and flygon then he bumbed in to red)ethan: hey red i got 6 badges how about you.red:i have 8 lets battle go lapras.ethan:GO HITMONLEE...