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My Pokemon Chronicles in Hoenn: My PokeChronicles (Number 3: Hoenn) Part 6: The Evolution and a Mystery to Solve

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous We areImpressed by my Mareep's power, since imediatly...then we found something weird...
The Mareep was, ... EVOLVING! It was awesome! Now I am close to using my Ampharosite in battle.

Back to the gym thing, we are close and we found,......... ICE?! It was authentic ice. we encounter this, uh... uh... well, something. I tried to scan withmy Pokedex, but it only read: "Pokemon not found". The creature had something that read: "Sealdex"? So there are Seals beside Pokemon? It also had three fish cans. So, in order to catch Sealwy (As it read in the Sealdex), I would have to throw the can to him. I waited, and I caught it! Then, we left off...
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