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My Pokemon Chronicles in Hoenn: My PokeChronicles (Number 3: Hoenn) Part 4: The Visit

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous We went to the house of the person who gave us the letter... Pokemon Battles now take place!
We found someone sitting on a couch, appearently waiting for me. He said his name was Mike and he was a gym leader. He wanted to battle me. I was ok with that, since I wanted a badge.

The battle started. My friend Patrick took out his Mudkip and Mike took out a Spheal. Spheal attacked with Rollout, and Patrick's Mudkip used Mud Slap. Spheal fainted due to weakness. Mike took out a Dewgong. Mudkip used Hidden Power Water but did no effect. Dewgong defeated Mudkip with Hail. Patrick now took out Mareep. He attacked with Tail Whap. Now Dewgong used Hail, and it wasn't very effective. Mareep defeated Dewgong with Take Down!

I won my first Hoenn Badge. I was very happy!